Fat Family Begging At Safeway

Begging Family at Bancroft and Treat Shopping Center Lot, Clears over $10,000 tax free a month. Many have seen the chubby well fed family of about 6 standing as you turn in from Bancroft, across from Jamba Juice Lot. The Husband has his whole family there to  touch the heart of ingnorant people to hand then piles of cash. I estimated the family takes in about $300 minimum per sitting. Times that by 30 days, and they clear tax free about $10,000. Now his new tactic is to place his wife and two girls at Monument Costco lot, while He and his son (s) scalp from Bancroft Safeway. If he keeps doing this for December, don't be surprised if they double that to $20,000. The guy looks healthier and his family look better fed than mine. I imagine he is on government assistance too. So next time you see him, reach in your pocket and give him another $20, but be careful as you might trip over the other fools taken in by this scheme.
srl99 December 11, 2013 at 09:12 AM
Wow! If you're so sure they are cheats, maybe you should turn them in to the IRS.


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