Comment of the Day: 'I'm Pulling My Son Out of Boy Scouts'

After the local Boy Scouts council once again denied a gay teen his Eagle Award following an appeal, parents in the area are responding in outrage. Here's what they're saying.

Boy Scouts are taught to always "be prepared." But are their parents prepared to pull them out of the organization in protest against anti-gay policies?

Perhaps so. After the Mount Diablo Silverado Council once again denied local boy scout Ryan Andresen his Eagle Scout badge, some parents are considering boycotting the scouts.

The council claims that Andresen, because he is gay, rejects God and therefore cannot fulfill the Boy Scout "duty to God" promise.

Reactions from Patch users have included outrage, shock, and even a new promise: to remove their sons from the organization.

A commenter on the Lamorinda Patch Facebook page calls the situation "crazy" and says he is "seriously considering" pulling his son out of the Boy Scouts.

Are you considering taking your son out of Boy Scouts? Do you agree with such a boycott? Share your views in the comments section below.

Here's what parents and locals are saying about the decision from the Boy Scout Council:

On the Lamorinda Patch Facebook page: "Something is seriously wrong with our society. I think all scouts should band together and do something to send a message."

Another says, "If he completed the projects and necessary badges, he should be awarded. Baden Powell would agree."

"Shameful," says a commenter on the Concord Patch Facebook page. "My boys will never be associated with this terrible organization."

Another says, "How dare they say Ryan rejects God. They are acting very unGod like."

One commenter states that while he agrees Andresen should recieve his badge, the Boy Scouts have a right to adhere to such policies: "This is the land of the free right? The scouts are a private group right? I'm not for their decision but it is hypocritical to fight against oppression then turn around and oppress a private group for [their] American right [...] If you don't agree with the choice it makes don't participate with the group!"

A commenter on the Pleasant Hill Patch Facebook page says, "Personally, I think it's incredibly disappointing. I would like to pride myself in saying that the town I live in is full of forward thinkers, trying to better the community in anyway it can."

Another says, "Are they living in the 16th Century? Sounds like they are branding the Scout as a 'Heretic'."

"Pathetic," says a commenter on the Martinez Patch Facebook page. "I have always thought I would one day have my son in Boy Scouts and loved the idea of being a 'den mother'. Never going to happen now. I will never have my son associated with a group that discriminates against youths."

Another parent adds: "My daughter was a girl scout for many years and I loved the organization — very inclusive and non-discriminatory. But my son will never ever ever be a part of the Boy Scouts."

On the Walnut Creek Patch Facebook page, a father says: "Yet one more reason my kids will never be let anywhere close to that paramilitary bigot hateful organization."

Have your views of the Boy Scouts changed? Comment below.

Thomas Wiggins January 15, 2013 at 06:20 AM
Fritz: I must after further reading conclude that you were replying to Tom Chesterman and not me :)) but just in case: If you read any of that in my post you are totally speaking to the wrong person, I never said anything even near what you implied. You most definitely barking up the wrong tree and peeing on the wrong fire hydrant. I am not a Bible thumper, nor church goer nor a member of the Westboro Baptist Church or the Snake handling worshippers either. Surely you are replying to someone else and just accidentally typed my name into it. I am totally Anti Religion, You sure you ain't a Jehovah's witness man !!! LOL
Thomas Wiggins January 15, 2013 at 06:32 AM
Perhaps the Boy Scouts of america need to more clearly define the GOD they wish their Scouts to uphold their Duty to. This is a Country with Freedom of Religion, and that does not give Any Religion the right to demand total allegiance to any one specific Religion or God. Apparently the BSA worships a God who is not tolerant of other religions or Homosexuals in this particular case. And Ryan worships a different God who does. Who has the power to say unto another who is upholding his duty to What God ? The Native Americans had respect for many Gods and the Great Spirit, and I certainly recall many ceremonies in scouting when we called upon the Great Spirit . Get the Politics out of Scouting and let the boys be boys and learn about the more important things in Scouting than some Scout masters personal religious interpretations of right and wrong.
Fritz 'Congodog' Stoop January 15, 2013 at 03:29 PM
My, aren't we touchy. And self-absorbed. Notice, Wiggs, the original commenter is also named 'Tom', and that cat's gone over the celestial rainbow for the 'big guy'. A nun (I was from an agnostic family, but sent to parochial [read: 'private'] schools for the superior focus on education) once told our class to think of the soul as a large milk bottle. Into which were placed ping pong balls (sic), some black which represented sinful acts and the others, white for acts considered to be 'good'. At the end of the person's life, the Big Guy simply counted the balls and if there were as little as one more black than white, you were condemned to burn in Hell FOREVER! Even at 8 or 9 years old, this seemed more than a bit arbitrary and harsh to me, so I relegated the rest of their implausible rhetoric to my newly initiated scrap heap of bad ideas. Mom had been a rare female UC grad in the 30s and she had been taken up with the mysteries of the Far East, and spouted words like 'karma' and 'existential' around the dinner table, which seemed for me a better fit. She told us every act, no matter how seemingly insignificant, had a moral and political component. Failure to behave morally did not condemn you, but rather it negatively effected the very fabric that wove all of humanity together in one large all encompassing garment, human existence. This I got and went with (it).
Fritz 'Congodog' Stoop January 15, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Been referred to as 'quirky', 'brilliant', a 'prodigy', 'sardonic', 'pragmatic', etc. but never "insane". More than a little harsh descriptive for an accomplished soul, but I can roll with it. It seems to me we lost our need for external belief totems when we overcame our fear of the dark, so organized religions are little more than group therapy in my humble opinion. Greed, in all its forms, seems to have taken the front in the race for preeminent social disease, Conspicuous consumption will be the end of us, figuratively and literally. Latest mantra, "It is what it is" obviously.
Kendra loveless January 19, 2013 at 05:21 PM
We can be counted among those who have elected not to participate in this discriminatory organization. We took our boys out.


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