WC Rolls Up Its Sleeves: Community Service

More than a thousand people helped with projects throughout Walnut Creek during the second annual Community Service Day.

Walnut Creek got down to business to improve the community for all on Saturday. More than 90 projects ranged from picking up trash in the creek to building a frog structure near Shadelands.

According to City Council member Cindy Silva, who as mayor last year used her bully pulpit to advocate for the Community Service Day initiative, 950 volunteers signed up on-line in advance, with 200 more signing up and showing up at the various projects.

"It's a day we all work together to make the community better, a surge of human energy in Walnut Creek," said Silva. 

The volunteers who sign up are more likely to continue to do service projects in the community, she said.

"We found that last year 40 percent of the volunteers had not participated with the organization they volunteered for," said Silva. "People learned about new things and ways to be involved."

Silva cited the example of There are people who discovered Fresh Start through the Community Service Day and are now volunteering every week.  


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