Hey Benicia, What Issues Do You Want to Talk About in 2013?

Tell us what you want us to cover in the comments below, and share this story with your friends and family in town.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we want to take a moment to look forward at 2013 to see what local issues we should be covering.

We editors took a bit of time off during the holidays to relax with family and recharge our batteries, but now we’re back, and we really want you to guide our coverage going forward.

So Benicia, what should we be covering in 2013? Whether it’s a simple news tip or a broad issue or subject, please tell us what you want to discuss in the months that lie ahead.

The three of us (Justin, Cody and Josh) are here to converse with you in the comments below this article.  

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Marnix A. van Ammers January 04, 2013 at 11:33 PM
I am in that Military & 1st area mostly on foot and so far I like the new look. I also like it that traffic will slow down. More than once when using the pedestrian crossing at Military and West 2nd, I've had a car drive through right in front of me. Sometimes they go through behind me with only a few feet to spare. I know there has been at least one and probably more than one accident there involving a pedestrian. Having the median there makes drivers slow down and pay attention. And so far, I think the area looks much nicer and more inviting (for pedestrians at least).
"The Black Panther of Poetry" January 05, 2013 at 12:36 AM
I would like to see a Black History Parade every February, celebrating Black History Month. While at the same time Acknowledging the race and the people that literally and figuratively built this country with blood, sweat, and tears!!!
Mickey D January 05, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Let's take a vote.
Benicia Resident January 07, 2013 at 09:10 PM
No skateboarding, no loitering, no bike riding, no nothing for the adolescents in our community to do that is not inappropriate..... What is Benicia going to do to help us raise our youth to be the outstanding citizens of our community tomorrow? How can we expect our youth to learn respect and trust if they aren't given any? Just because a building has been labeled " youth center" doesn't mean that our kids will go and check it out... Come on Benicia, put your money where your mouth is, help us to raise this generation the right way, I've always heard that it does take a village.
Heather H. January 07, 2013 at 10:03 PM
I totally agree with "Benicia Resident". I am fairly new to this community (4 yrs.) and I know that many of us newer residents have moved here for the schools and the safer feel of this community. To reach more of our demographic (I am a mother of a 6 yr. old, 4 yr. old, and 2 yr. old), it would be great to see more articles about the programs that Benicia has to promote education, activity, arts, etc. for our youth. Interview some of our local principals, youth program directors, parents of younger children, etc. and let us parents know how they are making Benicia a great place for our families to be. Ask our demographic for ideas on how to make Benicia an even more desirable place for young families to live/stay. Just my two cents and thanks for asking! Heather


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