Hurricane Sandy Storms East Coast — How to Help

Here's how Lamorindans can help those affected by the superstorm that flooded New Jersey and New York Tuesday, leaving more than 5 million people across 10 states without power and causing at least 13 deaths.

While the Bay Area prepares for a baseball victory parade — Lamorindans are also commiserating with the floods, fires, power outages and deaths caused by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast.

The power is evident as Patch readers post video and photos of storm damage on the East Coast. Here's one sample from

Watch for storm updates at Point Pleasant (New Jersey) Patch.

The before moving inland and on up to New York, swamping New York City with flood water and causing incalculable damage to infrastructure. More 5 million people lost power across 10 states, according to CNN, and at least 13 people were killed — adding to the death toll of 67 in the Carribbean.

Watching the images, videos and updates flood in from the other side of the country can leave Californians feeling helpless. But there are a number of ways Lamorindans can come to the aid of those affected by Sandy. 

How to Help During Superstorm Sandy

Do you know of any other ways to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy? How are you helping out? Please comment below.

Related: Do you have friends or family members in the path of Hurricane Sandy? Interactive map here.


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