Poblano Cooker, Diamond Dave Keeps Rockin', and School Daze Anew

Great food. Great chefs. Great schools. Great music. You gotta like Lamorinda.


So much to write about. So little time.

If you have kids the Great Travail that is the is behind most of you, with the Sullen Ones biting their lips and back to school while spinning tales of great summer vacations or the perils of having poor parents.

We can't help but notice that the sports pundits among us have revisited their estimation of Campolindo High School as a football powerhouse -- tagging the Cougars as the ones to beat this year after relegating them to a predicted last-place finish last season.

We're the first to take the findings of polls and the opinions of "experts" with a grain of salt, and since we have skin in the season we prefer to take each game as it comes and with the hope that the kids come off the field happy and unhurt.

Poblano Me

In an effort to keep things "Way Local" we've been concentrating on spending our green on area restaurants this summer, enjoying chef Steve Jaramillo's Baked Poblano Chiles at and pleased to see that he has also discovered -- and is using -- the produce of stalwarts Happy Boy Farms. The Happy Boy girls are a hoot and sell us all the cool garden stuff we weren't able to grow ourselves this summer. Nice to see everyone connecting.


Can't Touch This...

Our Hannah Strumwasser is out in the field gathering news stories and called in to correct a widely -- and, as it turns out -- incorrectly reported tidbit born during the recent arrest of an alleged sex worker at a . Hannah, bless her, reports that the name of the parlor in question is Lelouch -- not Letouch, as given by police. Some folks, including posters to Lamorinda Patch, were having a little too much fun with that one. Thanks, Hannah.


Gawker Finds Diamond Dave

If you've lived here any length of time chances are you've shaken the thing your mama gave you while listening to Diamond Dave Hosley churn out everything from Sinatra to 50 Cent at Petars Friday nights. A one-man music machine and local party supercollider for more than 20 years, Hosley gets down and gets people up and dancing. Saw him out and about -- in daylight -- just recently and he's still going strong. Gawker just wrote up a little thing on Dave, check it out.


In the Year 2016

Lamorinda's bunkered down Right Wing political base has been buzzing, and sending us links to, a decidely unflattering cinematic portrait of President Obama making the rounds out there called: 2016. From what we can tell it's a sort of Michael Moore-ish approach to defining the president and determining how his early days and experiences are influencing his presidency. It is not flattering. I have not seen the full movie so I'll reserve comment until the credits roll. If you've seen it, let us know what you think.

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Amanda August 23, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Love Diamond Dave! He played at my friends' wedding last summer. It was AWESOME!
J.D. O'Connor August 23, 2012 at 09:47 PM
He's an awesome dude. His 50 Cent impression is spot-on. Pretty good Sinatra, too.


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