Video: A Busy Week For Farmers Markets

People are stocking up on yams and sweet potatoes and green beans as Turkey Day draws near.

With the growing popularity of fresh-cooking techniques and the organic movement, farmers markets are busy places this time of year.

The crowd comes out and sniffs and plunks the produce, particularly in Thanksgiving week.

"Every year it gets a little more crazy," said Lad Tchieng at the Moraga Certified Farmers Market on Sunday, Nov. 18.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving is so busy that the Tchieng farm of Fresno, with its 30 acres, brings twice the usual allotment of potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans to Moraga. The Tchieng farm, including Lad's parents Fong and Siong Tchieng, has been a presence at the weekly Moraga market since its inception seven years ago.


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