Artistic Director Talks About Diablo Ballet

Dance.net interviews Lauren Jonas — 'it's important that the dancers be artists.'

There are insights dancing through a new interview by Dance.net of Lauren Jonas, artistic director and co-founder of Diablo Ballet.

Jonas opens a window on the creative process at Diablo and the collaboration needed to be produce a successful ballet.

An excerpt of the interview:

"One of the reasons why I choose dancers who have had soloist or principal experience in a prominent ballet company prior to joining Diablo Ballet is because they are not only at the height of their careers, but they are also individuals with life experiences. Because Diablo Ballet is a small company, it’s important that the dancers be artists. I feel that this is definitely one of Diablo Ballet’s strengths. Each of our dancers has a story to tell and it is apparent when watching their performances. Being an artist is impossible to achieve at the early stages of one’s career."


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