Concord Band Shares Stress and Success in Documentary

A short documentary titled, "Creative: Material" focuses on Concord-based band The Chaw, who are juggling life and love to pursue their passion for music.

What happens when four guys get together and decide to make music they can be proud of, while juggling full-time jobs and families? It's the story of many local bands pursuing a passion, and documentary maker Emily Calhoun caputures the stresses and successes in her short film, "Creative: Material," which focuses on Concord band The Chaw.

Learn more about The Chaw and listen to their music online at TheChawMusic.com and on Facebook. Better yet, see them live at the upcoming show on Thursday, Jan. 17 at New Parish in Oakland.

Do you think it's harder for bands to "make it" in a world of streaming and downloading? Share your thoughts below.

Jim Caroompas January 11, 2013 at 10:49 PM
The term "making it" has been redefined. The days of private jets and giant money are gone. But the ability to reach people directly, without the intervention of the record industry, has vastly improved. Like teaching and medicine, don't play music if wealth is your goal. But if you love it, why do anything else?
Emily Henry January 12, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Jim, do you think people still want to go to live shows though? Or is it all about discovering music from the comfort of your couch?


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