To Dance, Perchance To Tweet: Diablo Ballet

A sampling of Diablo Ballet's tweets from the Friday night performance at Shadelands Art Center.

On Friday night, Diablo Ballet created a little tweet history or a little ballet history. Or what have you.

Patch decided to wrangle together a sampling of those tweets, after first differentiating with a clutch of tweets about "Diablo 3," an Internet game that is undergoing beta testing and creating a gaggle of Twitter Traffic.

Without further adieu, here is much ado about ballet tweets:

DiabloBallet ‏ @DiabloBallet
@ballroomdanzr So true!! RT: "There is a big difference with being on #Twitter & being noticed on Twitter"
LamorindaWeb ‏ @LamorindaWeb
@dancingfoodie @diabloballet @griercooper @gerijeter @sheri_ls Don't you wish you could just execute a beautiful jete over that traffic?!
LamorindaWeb ‏ @LamorindaWeb
@fLO_Content Ringing endorsement of tonight's tweet experiment! #Diablo
@Dance_Daze Option three - how about a delicate tip-toe to the restroom?! #Diablo
LamorindaWeb ‏ @LamorindaWeb
@Dance_Daze You wouldn't dare suggest jumbo-trons at the ballet, would you?! Imagine the controversy that would create! :) #Diablo
Dance Daze™ ‏ @Dance_Daze
How fun! I want to get out of bed each morning dancing the way Edward Stegge just danced! #diablo
LamorindaWeb ‏ @LamorindaWeb
Admit it, u were inspired by tweet-night! @DiabloBallet keeps connection alive w/ lecture series, next stop in Moraga lamorindaweb.com/articles/57-ar…
fLO Content ‏ @fLO_Content
My experience with ballet is limited . But this I want more of in my life #diablo
DiabloBallet ‏ @DiabloBallet
@dancingfoodie There's a reception with the dancers in just a few minutes! :) Brownies! Wine!


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