Anthropologie Opens on Mount Diablo Boulevard

Bohemian chic wear for women and home goods are offered in building that took the place of Mark Morris Tire.

Walnut Creek got another option for eclectic women's wear and home goods Friday as Anthropologie opened its doors.

"It's the cat's meow of Walnut Creek!" declared manager Alex Anderson on a busy opening day.

Anderson said current hiring is completed for Anthropologie but he expects another round of hiring as the Christmas holidays approach.

Anthropologie is in the spot where the old Mark Morris Tire store was. There are also Anthropologie outlets in Danville and Berkeley.

Did you buy anything at Anthropologie on opening day? Tell us in the comments below.

Devon September 15, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Anthropologie is the best store. Unanimously voted. It's feminine details with timeless cuts and a touch of chic. I look forward to wedding invitations in the mail because it's also my personal invitation to go dress hunting at Anthropologie for their event! If you're not familiar with the history of the store they have moved style with the trends....so its not specifically bohemian chic as stated above. Thats a "in the moment" style. 8 years ago when nautical was HUGE, it was skirts with stripes, sail boats, and garden prints. My family and I describe the store as "girl in the garden" influenced by current trend. The skirts are to die for with their lovely prints, details, and embroidery. Along with the unique and beautiful for every body dress selections. Enjoy it! I know I will. Also they have the CUTEST reading glasses line there too :-) Oh and the French soaps are to die for!!!!
Elizabeth September 15, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Michael, I'm very curious what pull you would have had to bring Anthropologie to WC? Your comment states that you and your MOM went to the Berkeley store to attract them to come here?? I have read a lot of comments that you have left on Patch and I'm wondering what role you play in the city. From this comment, it sounds as if you have a lot of power to bring any retail you would like to see. What is it that you mean by saying "of course, is the concern that, in tenant selection, we didn't rely upon the "extensive" experience of anyone running for Council ... or equally capable member of Save Mt. Diablo or DRAA." If that is the case, why don't you try and convince Thomas Keller to open up a Bouchon Bakery here :) Could you imagine it near Tiffanys...It could look like a mini NYC. I do know that there are more developments on the corner of Mt. Diablo and Main. Thats exciting. From my understanding the same developer who did the Tiffanys corner beat out Mr. Licht.(which pleased me to no end) That is encouraging, and I'm sure it will be beautiful. Back to Anthro, I love it, but again, I wish it was more the size of the Berkeley store. The arts and crafts you mention, are being done by some extremely talented window designers. Anthro is known for this, so look forward to some really cool windows in the future. Something that Neiman Marcus needs some help on if you ask me.
michael frederick September 16, 2012 at 04:43 AM
Elizabeth, The "pull" would be an empty building for rent in a good location -- despite the political rhetoric, its marketability doesn't revolve around City Hall. Business people can be enticed by an attractive deal. The latter commentary you quote is a reference to politicians and special interest groups that prop each other up as EXPERT for public consumption, despite NO experience. They do this, of course, to convey upon themselves discretionary authority to serve whatever goofy thing THEY want to prioritize -- because they are experts. A new library was a good idea; proposing one that was 50% more expensive than the model used was a good example of the exercise of goofball entitlement. I'll look into it but, I think there are quite a number of bakeries, already(?). I'd encourage anyone to shoot me their ideas -- ideally, I'd like to find unique offerings that I think would want to be here and would do well here. Elizabeth, instead of replicating NYC or anywhere else -- I've always felt privileged to live in the WC environment we enjoy. I think whatever we do, we should do our own thing and it should reflect the community in which we live. That's why I ask for input, to get a better understanding of where everyone is at...
Elizabeth September 16, 2012 at 04:40 PM
The bakeries here in Walnut Creek do not come close to Bouchon Bakery. La boulange was hopeful, but now they got taken over by creepy Starbucks, and their product will now suffer. Then there is the fact that Walnut Creek baking company no longer exists and got taken over, so I'm sure will not be great after a while. So, tell me what other one is there, besides the bakery at Whole Foods? I don't know what kind of clout you have, but I seriously doubt you could bring Bouchon Bakery here anyway. The NYC comment was a joke BTW! OK, how about trying to bring a store like "Paper Source" to WC? There isn't really anything like it in this town. Instead of the tacky, dated Hallmark in the BP, this would be a fantastic addition to replace it.
michael frederick September 17, 2012 at 05:50 AM
Elizabeth, I'm glad the NYC comment was a joke!!! Unfortunately, idealizing anything foreign to WC has become the fashion amongst those who profess to love it, but actually just love indiscriminately razing it. I know its confusing ... I wouldn't discount WC Baking Co. -- they have the same employees ... we'll see. The ONLY clout I have is as stated -- the ability to cut a good deal for someone who might like to be here that we think benefits the area. If they have no interest, then I have no "clout" to force them. Increasingly, companies whose business plan includes opening new stores see good potential in WC. As stated, that has more to do with demographics, the intersection of two freeways, and Mace Rich than the politicians who promise continued sunshine if we simply convey upon them the discretionary authority to make THEIR dreams come true... Thank you for your suggestions -- I'll research both to learn more. I'm not personally familiar with the baking or stationary business -- it'll require digging to find out whether it seems like a good fit, as an opportunity becomes available.


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