Gadget Review: Keep Nibbling Deer At Bay

The problem: keeping your newly planted flora safe from the marauding herds of deer roaming the neighborhood at night. The solution: a well-aimed blast of water from the Guardiner.

Regular readers will know that we at and that we go particularly goo-goo over a particularly good gadget.

Ones that help us, do what their makers say they will do, work simply and efficiently and leave a sparse footprint.

Here's one we found that we liked and which has successfully kept the Antlered Gangs prowling our neighborhood at night at bay. The Guardiner.

Patch Disclosure: Full price ($175) was paid for this item and no consideration has been given to the manufacturer.

This little guy is a solar-powered water cistern equipped with an infra-red motion detector and rain-bird spray device on its face. When the antlered ones approach, the Guardiner emits a high-pitched buzz the drives off the scaredy cats -- and then backs it up with a spray of water to fend off the hardcore flower eaters.

Any overspray goes onto the garden. And no one in the herd gets hurt. They just move off in search of easier pickins'.

Beats any of the other anti-deer tricks we have heard about and tried over the years.


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