New Studio Builds Colorful Minds

Downtown art education outlet has variety of classes for kids.

is a new drawing studio in downtown Walnut Creek that helps children "soar into a world of colors," in the words of its brochure.

The studio, with an address of 1341 N. Main St., Suite G, opened in February in the Duncan Arcade walkway between North Main Street and Locust Street.

The studio uses the Monart method
, emphasizing educational background information to help children learn about the subject being studied. It provides children with the tools to learn art without fear of judgment, said owner Dave Wong.

A Colorful Mind offers one-hour classes for age 4-6 "Getting Ready — Drawing through the Alphabets & Geography, one-hour classes in "Basic Drawing" for age 6-9, and 1-1/2 hour classes in "Drawing Fundamentals" for age 8 and over.

"As a father of a 7-year-old son who was struggling with drawing, I share a lot of the same frustration with other parents about the elimination of art classes from most public schools," said Wong. "In fact, it is the main catalyst for why I am starting up this studio … When children draw what they are learning, they learn faster and retain longer."


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