Walnut Creek Attorney to Chair Chamber

Angela De La Housaye is named chair of WC Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.

Walnut Creek attorney Angela De La Housaye has been named the 2012 chair of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, beginning in April.

The goals for , founder of the law firm De La Housaye & Associates, include looking for avenues to reach new demographics and larger business members in the community, according to a Marketwire press release.

"I want to help with the ongoing economic development of Walnut Creek and see how we can collaboratively improve commerce and the relationships between the various groups while strongly supporting our members' businesses so that they thrive and grow," said De La Housaye.

The installation ceremony is April 3.

Bob Brittain March 22, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Michael, How can you proclaim that you care about our City and its residents when you make statements beginning with... "I don't know and, consequently, don't care about "Angela",,," For a lover of Walnut Creek, you seem to rain on every parade that we have. Congratulations on your long history as a member of a Walnut Creek pioneer family. Not many people are born with the keys to the City and the authority to judge all that goes on therein. I admit to only living here since 1990. Are all people not living here for fewer than five generations in your lowest regard as well? Please note that I have learned a good bit about Walnut Creek history since arriving here and my understanding does extend beyond the front cover. One thing that I have learned is that most people living here are optimists and anticipate a bright future for our City. No matter how much bile you spew, I predict that their postive attitude will persist..
Larry March 22, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Can we all say pot calling the kettle black please? I couldn't resist Bob since you and your wife have gamed both the county and local taxpayer system for years now. Your work on various City Council campaigns, the Library Foundation and Yes for Walnut Creek to ensure funding was available for your wife's salary did not come close to passing the smell test. Now that the library you and the old guard built has sucked the city of its reserves and ongoing operating costs continue to be through the roof we suckers are left paying the bill. Critical city services have been slashed, the ability to build pools, improve roads and update our parks is gone. Of course now that the Measure Q dollars are all but dried up and there is no money left to pay librarians extra pay your wife, quite coincidentally, has decided to retire with a nice pension. Thanks to you, the Library Foundation, Cindy Silva et al for ruining our city finances for at least another two or three years. Well played sir. Enjoy retirement.
Bob Brittain March 22, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Thanks for the personal attack, Larry. I don't know your surname but you must not care to share it. Bob
michael frederick March 22, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Bob, "How can I proclaim..." Easy. I don't confuse "Angela" or "Chamber of Commerce" with "Walnut Creek", as you promote. I'm also not confused about a commercial group that corrupts elections to promote its own interests over residents', as being of obvious benefit to residents. Since you choose to hold parades around diversions like "$50 million library" and "Angela", raining on them doesn't seem problematic. You are correct. My "lowest regard" is reserved for elected leaders that appoint based upon personal interdependency instead of knowledge or merit. That extends to their appointees, whose only readily apparent qualification is a brown nose. Your knowledge of WC is as indicated above, obviously.
SR March 26, 2012 at 05:27 PM
I'm ok with a personal attack if two guidelines are met: 1) It is factual 2) The person being "attacked" is a public figure I'm a yes on number 1 and given the fact Mr. Brittain is a very vocal spokesperson for various causes like the library and a political campaign manager for currently serving City Council members I'd say number 2 has also clearly been met.


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