Will Rain Spoil a Lot of Weekend Plans?

Latest storm system is soaking many events that are used to warm June sunshine.

June 4 probably seemed like a good day for an outdoor wedding, a community festival, an open space dedication or a camping trip.

Most years, it is. Not 2011.

An early June storm system has moved into the East Bay this weekend. Forecasters say it will bring significant rain on Saturday and showers on Sunday.

Most people can't remember the last time it rained here in June, much less as much as this storm is supposed to produce.

After all, on this weekend last year, it was a sunny 83 degrees.

The Contra Costa County Fair, which opened this past week in Antioch, is usually more concerned with people suffering from heat exhausation. This year, they'll be concerned with keeping people dry.

The organizers of the Art and Wine Festival in Walnut Creek haven't experienced this before either.

Officials at the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce said it has never rained in the 30 years they've held this event.

Since this was the 30th anniversary, the chamber folks had added extra attractions, hoping to top the 100,000 visitor mark again. That goal is now iffy.

Folks should wear ponchos and other rain gear to hike up to the top of Acalanes Ridge to attend Saturday morning's ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new trail and 23 acres of open space on Acalanes Ridge.

Officials at the Anthony Chabot Regional Park say their overnight camping grounds are fully booked this weekend.

Janet Gomes, the park's supervisor, said they had only received one cancellation as of midday Friday.

They're expecting almost 800 campers this weekend and they're advising all of them to bring tarps.

"You'll get pretty wet just sleeping in a tent," Gomes said.

Gomes said the recent rains have also played havoc with the park's maintenance schedule. Crews haven't been able to mow or prune, leaving the grounds looking a little ragged.

The park is also hosting its annual Lake Chabot Trails Challenge race. The trails will be a bit muddy for the runners.

Other races will have to be done in the rain.

The annual Livermore-Pleasanton Firefighters Foundation Hook and Ladder Run on Sunday morning will be a wet one.

The San Ramon Valley Little League is hosting playoff games this weekend. Their website urges people to check with officials to make sure the contests will be played.

The East Bay's many farmers markets are also affected.

Greg Pursley, market manager of the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association, said the rains could reduce the crowds this weekend at the 68 markets they oversee.

More importantly, he said, is the rain may keep some growers from coming and setting up shop. Many farmers haven't been able to get into the fields to harvest their produce and crops. If they're driving all the way from the Central Valley, they want to have enough goods to make it worth their while.

Pursley said the growers who do show up will make the best of it. They do put on farmers' markets in the rainy winter months, so they are used to it.

Just not in early June.

Creek Diva June 04, 2011 at 04:18 PM
I'm not your average Californian. I enjoy the rain, almost too much! Got up early to get a list of chores done. Perhaps the rain will stick around for a good afternoon of lounging and reading. Drive safe everyone!
Marisa June 04, 2011 at 05:28 PM
I hope it doesn't rain next weekend for the pool party
Ralph Hoffmann June 05, 2011 at 02:23 PM
Is this cold rainy weather caused by climate change because of melting ice in the polar regions?


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