Walnut Creek Atmosphere in Dolores Park?

Mission District blog uses the Creek as a symbol of not so free spirit — say it ain't so!

Walnut Creek, you're being used as a symbol again!

This time it's "Mission Mission," a blog that speaks to the Mission District in San Francisco. They have a story about the growth of a family atmosphere in Mission Dolores Park, and how that's inhibiting gay men who sunbathe on the grassy knoll there.

And then they out (pun intended) with the line: "Free spirit has been replaced with a Walnut Creek-like atmosphere," and immediately turn around to say the Walnut Creek line is "melodramatic."

I dunno. Seems like the Creek is carrying a lot of baggage here. Any Walnut Creekers — gay or family or gay family — want to weigh in on how they feel about Dolores Park these days in our comment slot below?

Hali April 06, 2012 at 04:01 PM
I don't even know where the Dolores Park is. I love where I am, which is WALNUT CREEK!
East Bay Burbs April 09, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Mission Mission and SFist love talking crap on Walnut Creek. It's become their go-to city for any example of exaggerated suburbia. I live in Walnut Creek, have been to Dolores, and have no problem with naked sunbathers, but then again...I don't have kids, and figure families from anywhere (Walnut Creek or San Francisco) probably shouldn't be bringing their kids to a place where a guy goes from group to group selling weed treats.


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