Question for Ms. Ashcraft

A comment on a mailing from Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

The teasing I gave my friend the other week notwithstanding (and as I admitted), I'm just now making up my mind for most of the local offices on next month's ballot — in particular Alameda City Council, for which there are two open seats.

This morning I got a mailing from Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft. Now, "Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft" is a name I've been hearing for quite awhile, especially since moving to Alameda. Her resumé is certainly impressive; hers is one of the two or three names I'm most familiar with, she seems to be taking the more-or-less standard climb through the East Bay Democratic structure (I don't mean that at all disparagingly; I've lived around here long enough to understand that's how it works), and at first blush, I'd be inclined to support her.

This was something about this mailing, tho, that I found just a tad offputting. The text starts out in a manner that I guess is more or less de rigueur if you're running for office in Alameda: "I grew up in Alameda. My husband and I raised our children here."

That's great. That's terrific. I understand completely — believe me, I understand. A lot of that tradition is what attracted me and much of my cohort here after the turn of the century. I totally grasp the need, electorally, to speak to that.

But Ms. Ashcraft, I grew up in New York, I've lived in the East Bay for 32 years, and moved to Alameda 8½ years ago. In that respect, I believe I represent a larger chunk of Alameda than many realize. The post-base-closing cohort, for want of a better term.

What do you have to say to us? Do you, indeed, recognize that this cohort is out here, and that our needs, our interpretation of that tradition, aren't always congruent with that of "long-time" Alamedans?

This is something I've commented on before, the "cultural" changes that those of us who moved here since the 1990s have engendered. But I never hear a local office-seeker talk about it.

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Jeff Mark October 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM
In my own defense, her sign has "Ashcraft" larger and on its own line, while "Marilyn Ezzy" is smaller and together. As someone whose last name people frequently think is his first name, I try to be sensitive about people's names. Can't always get it right, tho.
joel November 06, 2012 at 08:29 AM
don't bother Jeffit is a club ., she has achieve nothing . they move from one position to another , no creativity . should the last 2 cnadidate come to an agreement we would not have the joke we have as Mayor , when the cookie dough is stale we must thow it away , It is a club , not more not less. They give each other jobs , Hello Mr Russo how is that raise going ! yes they pad each other in the back at our expense . I was not born here , and I have seen what can be done all over the world , here you have the planning board first element against progress , sad part is they can't even get it right with the Alameda Historical society , since Alameda has the largest 100 years old plus housing , let's capitalize on it , a stip mall in hayward , emeryville or hayward is just that a strip , no character , no personality , all generic retail space for generic brands , this is what Gilmore stand for and this is what zizi has been groomed for . no is the only sensitive choice .
joel November 06, 2012 at 08:31 AM
John let's be fair here she very much stand for that group that consider anyone not anglo saxon from XXX generations not being Alamedan .
John Knox White November 06, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Just saw your comment, apologies for not responding earlier. Since you asked, It's Knox White, no hyphen. Totally understand about the name thing. I tend to not be sensitive about it, as I know it's an uncommon type of last name.
John Knox White November 06, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Joel, given the ugliness of that comment, would ou care to provide some back-up?


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