Unlocking The Writer Within

Who is the writer within yourself? Come, unlock your words...

These are your words, I only wrote them down.  ~ Peter McWilliams

But…. I can’t write! 

I hear it all the time.  There is nothing further from the truth.  We all can write.  Sure, some may have more of a knack, a flair, but like all other art, it’s not about skill, it’s about expression. 

My words weren’t always polished, or clear in my thoughts.  I’m still never sure I’m doing anything more than spilling words on a screen and sewing them together with rambling threads and tarnished needles.  I began to write when I was all of seven years old, under duress by order of my sister who made me create silly stories with her. 

As I served my sentence at Pine Hollow Junior High, I learned the formula of a sonnet by order of Mr. Spagel, in desperate need of extra credit, and proceeded to write the most horrible poems to litter this earth.  Only he thought they were so spectacular, he hung them on his wall every year until his retirement.  The heavens are a better place with Mr. Spagel among them.

It was at Mt. Diablo High that I was gently pulled along by Ms Laird and kicked swiftly in the rear by Mrs Borem to learn the rules of writing before I could go breaking them.  Then there was Mr White, who just wanted his students to love words as much as he did. 

By the time I began my own blogs (before there ever was such a word), I’d learned that writing doesn’t always come down to rules, and rhymes, and fitting inside a box.  We first need motivation, then comes inspiration, and the result is expression.  Trying to compare ourselves to the greats before us is not going to encourage you to put pen to paper.  Words are meant for us to craft in our own way, just like molding clay in our hands until it takes shape. 

Writing can be personal, or can be the result of our wonderful imaginations.  There is something different for everyone.  In the end, it’s about finding your voice. 

We all can find our voices, and sing.  As the Heat Miser taught us, put one foot in front of the other!  And soon you’ll be walking out the door! 

*          *          *          *          *

I hope you'll consider joining us at the Pleasant Hill Adult Education Center.  Writing should be more love than labor, and that is always our goal.  Adult Education needs your participation, so now is the time for the things you've wanted to learn and have not yet done so.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity before it goes away as the State slashes the education budget more and more. 

Classes begin Wednesday, September 19th (daytime) or Thursday, September 20th (evening), in a six week course.  Please click here for details:  http://register.asapconnected.com/Courses.aspx?CourseGroupID=5831

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