Blog: Romney Deserves A Second Look From Young Voters

Romney is proposing a 20% cut in everyone's marginal tax rate. Obama only wants to raise taxes for the top earners. So where does that leave youth like myself who are just scraping by?

I love my job at Bel Air. I get paid very well, I'm guaranteed a raise, guaranteed hours, guaranteed benefits, and I get discounts. I'm really fortunate to have this job, as many other students my age are having an even harder time making minimum wage.

We all know that feeling of excitement when we get our paycheck and eagerly rip open the envelope to see what awaits us inside as a "reward" for the hours we put into our work. That feeling immediately gets sunk as soon as we see the taxes that are taken out of our paycheck each pay period.

I get my paycheck every Friday, and I pay about $50 a paycheck in taxes for the 24 hours I worked that week. So with all the taxes taken out of my paycheck, I basically work 5 1/2 hours a week just for the government. You can also think of it this way: The government took $50 from my paycheck and gave it to someone else on UI, SSI, TANF, WIC or whatever welfare program.

It's gonna be hard working 4 more years in an Obama economy where I am paying 20% of my income in taxes. At least the Romney-Ryan ticket plans to cut my tax rate back to 16%. In other words, Romney is proposing a 20% across the board cut in everyone's marginal tax rate, similar to the 25% cut made by President Reagan in the '80s. Barack Obama, however, only wants to raise taxes for the top earners. So where does that leave students and other youth like myself who are just scraping by at the bottom? Obama has no intention whatsoever of cutting our tax rates. He doesn't care about a tax break for me or other hard working Americans. He doesn't care about students. He doesn't care about us youth who are trying to get our feet off the ground and make an honest dollar. Thanks to the president, it's gonna be a while before I can afford to move out of my parents' house and start my life on my own (that is, if he's re-elected).

However, if Romney is elected and Congress passes his tax cut proposals, that's $10 more a paycheck that I'm keeping, investing, or saving. So multiply 52 weeks in a year by $10 and that's $520 more a year I'm keeping under a Romney administration. That might not seem like much money, but for a student like myself, $520 a year is a big deal. That's 2-weeks-worth of pay for me.

If you like those taxes that you see coming out of YOUR hard-earned paycheck, I suggest you re-elect Barack Obama.

If you want REAL change and REAL reform, and you want to keep more of YOUR hard-earned paycheck, then I urge you to support Mitt Romney for President.

Don't miss out on the money you COULD be making! Vote Republican this November!


lives in Citrus Heights and is a recent graduate of in Carmichael. Palomo will attend the University of California, Davis in the fall.

Readers, do you support Mitt Romney for President? Why or why not? Please tell us in a comment below.

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Whodaman September 06, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Hmmmm, hard discussion on whom to vote for, not for me, I have a president in office that has spent almost 6 trillion dollars in 3.5 years 23 million out of work welfare has gone from 30 million to 43 million gas has gone from 1.80 to 4,00 food has gone up this guy has played 107 rounds of golf makes beer for himself in the white house his wife takes a 4 day trip shopping in Spain for her and the kids and spends 500 K He has done 270 fund raisers at 200 K a flight so many flights that he had to add two more crews to his flight plan When he goes some were he takes two C-5 aircraft, two 747's and two C-17's At 200 K an hour Good lord let him give a guy that knows how to run a company a chance He has spent 4% of his time in office working on the budget Has never even run a 711 store and you can see it Just my humble opinion
Alf Tanner. September 06, 2012 at 09:08 PM
When was gas $1.80?
Alf Tanner. September 06, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Since 1961, the Republicans have held the White House 28 years, the Democrats 24. In those 52 years, our economy produced 66 million private sector jobs. What's the jobs score? Republicans 24 million, Democrats 42 million! Do the math repubs!
Dan Mattingly September 13, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Mitt was paid in stock and did not take a salary. Most big CEO's have gone this route. Thus his stock dividends were taxed at 15%, then with his tax deductions, he got his total rate a bit lower than 14%. Mitt wants to eliminate loopholes (deductions), but what they really are the home mortgage interest deduction, college tuition credits,property tax deductions etc, that the middle class really depend on. I worked my way through college at a union grocery store and was able to pay my tuition and living expenses. My parents were unable to help in any way. It was a tough slog, but without union wages I could not have done it. When I was half way through college, I had to get oral surgery to extract 4 impacted wisdom teeth and my union paid 80%, making it possible to pay the next semester's tuition. I guess my experiences are different than most Republicans, but I refuse to drink the cool-aid they are trying to pour down on us.
Editoreslie September 18, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Oh dear, a young man already being bitchy and insolent in the comments section - that's no way to behave! Nicholas, the administration responsible for the meltdown of our financial sector is Republican. Ryan's budget seeks to cut billions from our domestic programs, while ADDING To our defense budget, which is at an alltime high. War is literally bankrupting this country. Additionally, though you and I have never experienced this kind of prejudice, VP Ryan sought earlier this year to redefine rape in favor of rapists, voted for legislation that allows ER docs to refuse to provide medically necessary EMERGENCY abortions to ill pregnant women, and consistently votes against Fair Pay Acts, ensuring men & women are paid equally. I think saving money is the right idea. Under Romney and Ryan who seek to end funding for Planned Parenthood, where nearly 1 in 5 women go to get medications, cancer screenings & reproductive healthcare, women are targets by leaders of the free world. Targeted economically, because birth control is essential in controlling your future. Targeted by intelligence - Romney & Ryan don't believe women capable of making their own decisions. And targeted on the most basic bodily levels. The best way to save money is to vote for the candidate getting us out of wars. As a human being, I can't imagine you condone attacking the economic well being of citizens based on their gender. Dig a little deeper into Romney & Ryan.


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