3-Foot Passing Rule: Bike-Safety Bill to be Voted on Friday

A bill has passed the state senate requiring automobiles to pass no closer than three feet to bicyclists. Davis cyclists support the proposed law; what do you think?

In the wake of several vehicle collisions that have left bicyclists dead or injured, our question of the week is about SB 1464.

The proposed state law would make it a legal requirement for automobiles to give bicyclists a minimum clearance of three feet when passing. The Davis Bike Club supports it, as you can see here.

The law would require "drivers on two-lane roads to cross the solid double yellow centerline, when safe to do so, to give bicyclists at least three feet," according to the Davis Bike Club statement

SB 1464 has passed the state Senate and is up for a vote by the Assembly Friday. How would you vote if it were up to you? Share your thoughts below. 

If you'd rather remain anonymous, you may email your comment to justin.cox@patch.com.

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Justin Cox August 21, 2012 at 02:43 AM
In Davis, I'd say that "road built for cars" isn't necessarily true. The city seems to approach it very much as a shared space for cars and bikes. All I know is there's plenty of animosity between some cyclists and drivers (often times for good reason, because both can put the other at risk). I'll be curious to see what happens on Friday.
Laurie Michael August 21, 2012 at 03:26 AM
I think it read "on a highway," not on a street. If that's true, there shouldn't be much impact on most drivers. What does bother me is that, if "highway" means anything with a speed limit at or over 55 mph, there should be a requirement that bicycilists ride single file. Don't know how many times I driven between Davis and Winters and encountered cyclists blocking the entire lane who refuse to move.
barbara ruhmann August 21, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Does this include times when the cyclist is riding "hands-free", is using a cell phone, or cuts you off when you attempt a right hand turn? Understand, I have friends who are essentially pro cyclists, and have been hit by cars while following proper procedures. The new law would hopefully protect them more in future, but I still ask about those who don't seem to understand that cyclists also are bound to follow traffic laws, same as cars...
Whodaman August 22, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Hi Justin,,,, side note I have been here so long that it was my father that was the first guy to start the bike aid system the police set up in this town That being said, It amazes me how a town will turn its main vain on 5th street into a one lane so bikes can ride down it, I mean that is the street that all trucks use to travel through this town, Bikes have always used third street as a access to the university I don't mind sharing with bikes but eggs and coconuts don't mix, well unless making a cake Its gotten so bad that I would hate to see anyone hit by a car At the beginning of the school year you can hear all the ambulances going all the time from all the new students that are new to Davis Then you see all the new drivers driving in the bike lanes
Suzanna Duffy August 24, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I believe that motorists should respect cyclists and cyclists should respect pedestrians; both cyclists and all motorists should respect pedestrians. If the 3 foot law does not pass, then there should be a 3 foot divider built with curbs. That is the way it is in the Netherlands, where Cyclists are respected, because everyone bikes there.


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