Creek Police Beat: Toyota Tire Thefts, Strange Man Watching Valle Verde Kids and Surveillance Cameras Seem to be Spotting Crooks Everywhere

Patch's ace Police Beat writer reads WCPD's bulletin every day--so you don't have to. Here, she summarizes a week's worth of crime trends, as well as the sometimes bad, sad, annoying and silly things that keep officers busy.

Here is what people were calling the Walnut Creek police about from Thursday, Sept. 30 to Thursday, Oct. 7. And, there are some special Creek Diva shoutouts to good citizens who did the right thing! 

Thursday, Sept. 30

Fireworks+ 1:54a.m. + Arbolado Park = not a good idea! When officers searched the area they were unable to find the late-night prankster.

Someone tried but failed to steal tires from a Toyota Solara on Alvarado Avenue overnight. We hope police were able to get a print. No loss was reported.

Suspicious man watching students: A white male in his 30s and with dark hair and a beard was sitting on his "chopper" bicycle at the corner of Peachwillow Lane and Citrust Avenue, looking at students at Valle Verde Elementary through binoculars. Police arrived but could not find him.

A member of 24 Hour Fitness had her wallet stolen out of the locker room about 9a.m. The caller said she believes she knew who took her wallet because another woman was "acting strange in the locker room."

Trespasser: A resident in the 1800 block of San Luis Road phoned police after seeing a car parked in the driveway. It turned out there was a man in her home; he was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and a parole violation.

Stupid Criminal Tricks: When a Robb Road resident confronted two men suspected of stealing packages from the resident's porch, one of the thieves returned some of the packages.

Creek Diva has a special place in her heart for green Schwinns: It was a traumatic childhood event … Can't say more right now … But please be on the lookout for a green Clear Creek Comfort Mountain Schwinn bicycle; It was stolen from a bicycle rack on Masters Court.

Thank you WCPD! One less masher on the streets. A man who allegedly was harassing females near Crogan's Bar and Grill was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

Friday, October 1

Party on Pisgah Part 2: Some residents on Mount Pisgah Road were having a little late-night gathering shortly after midnight, but all was quiet upon police arrival.

Do you own a Toyota Camry Solara? Well, watch out. It seems like this make's tires have become a target for thieves. Someone stole the front tire rim and front-brake assembly from a Solara parked on North Civic Drive during the middle of the night

To the "EB MVB" tagger who hit Foothill Middle School in the middle of the night: Smile, you were seen on a surveillance camera.

Cheers to Contra Costa County firefighters who helped a mother who accidentally locked her keys and 3 year old in a downtown parking garage.

I'm hoping for a happy ending here: A call came in about a missing Nikon D5000 camera that fell off the roof of a car on Sept. 28 between Second Avenue and downtown.

Saturday, Oct. 1

As many Walnut Creek Patch readers know, late Friday and early Saturday was a rough night in downtown Walnut Creek with brawls breaking out at three bars. Read more here. At some point during the fights or during the mop-up operations, an unknown motorist struck a patrol vehicle parked at Arroyo Way and North Broadway, near the Vice Ultra Lounge, about 2:41 a.m.

Another cab fare evader: A rider who took a cab from San Ramon to Creekside Drive ran into an apartment before the driver could collect the fare.

Walkin' the Cow: A bovine took an early-morning stroll in the Monarch Ridge Drive neighborhood. A ranger was contacted.

To wrap up a rowdy night downtown, police broke up another fight in the 1400 block of Locust Street. One suspect allegedly had a knife; three men were arrested on suspicion of assault.

Sunday, Oct. 3

Were you a passenger in a Gold Nissan Sentra about 12:54a.m? On Locust Street? Did you stupidly throw a beer at a pedestrian? Guess what, police have a description of you and your license plate number.

To the jerk who stole the tip jar from the new Haagen-Dazs in Broadway Plaza: That's not cool, and smile. You were captured on video surveillance.  

Yuck! A man vomited on someone's porch on Walnut Boulevard while trying to find his way home about 4:19 a.m. The police took him home. You got lucky, dude.

Someone kicked in the rear french doors of a home on Via Del Sol. No loss was reported.

Yet another ride 'n' dash about 6:34a.m. in the 2700 block of North Main Street. However, this time, a "compromise was made" between the cabbie and rider.

The unidentified tagger who struck Foothill Middle School a few days earlier hit Clyde, Dover and Belford drives with the same boring graffiti.

After the recent sexual assaults in the Park Regency apartment complex on Oak Road, a resident called police about a suspicious silver Chevy Astrovan.  You did the right thing, caller! The driver was cited for an outside warrant, driving on a suspended license, expired registration, driving without insurance and speeding.

Monday, Oct. 4

Crime of Opportunity: Someone stole a GPS device from an unlocked vehicle on North Civic Drive.

Two guys selling meat door to door were warned that a proper business license was required to peddle their product within the city limits. 

Those surveillance cameras! This time, one captured the image of a white male stealing a 12-pack of beer from a store in the 1300 block of North Main Street.

Probably not the best neighborhood to go ringing doorbells, asking for donations: With the Wimbledon Road neighborhood hit recently by several burglaries, residents raised an alarm about a man going door to door asking for donations to UC Davis without a proper permit.

A Wells Fargo Bank customer was seen taking off his shirt and yelling at people at 4:28p.m. at the North Main Street branch.

To three rowdy, reckless teen girls: You were reported as driving recklessly in a beige Honda this afternoon on Walker Avenue.  A quick-thinking bicyclist snapped a photo of your license plate and notified police.

Tuesday, Oct. 5

Found bike: Someone found a bicycle on a field at Heather Farm Park this morning. It was turned over to police.

Won't you not be my neighbor? A man reported that his neighbor was "looking into his peephole and mumbling to himself."  When police approached the suspect, he explained that he "just wanted to see what was going on with them."

To the Northgate High kids getting stoned on a couch near the creek on Hannah Grove Trail, a neighbor was watching you and called police.

Two road bikes were stolen in the 4000 block of Walnut Boulevard overnight. They had been secured with a U-lock, but did you know that certain U-locks can be opened easily with a ballpoint pen?

Ouch: Someone stole four tires and rims, and the stereo from a red Acura Integra on Carmel Drive.

Good thing it wasn't raining! Someone reported that a truck  had dropped eight pounds of concrete on Mount Diablo Boulevard and North Broadway at 11:39p.m.

Another middle-of-the-day burglary! This time it happened to a home in the 800 block of Meander Drive. The burglar gained entry via the garage and house door.

A call came in reporting a child driving a purple Durango on Arbolado and Sutton drives. The caller stated: "The driver looks about 10 years old and is laughing with another juvenile inside." The incident took place about 2:49p.m.

One less drunk on the road. A man seen urinating on a car in the 1500 block of Bonanza Street was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Two men were arrested on suspicion of burglary shortly after midnight. The not-so smart thieves broke a window of a building in the 200 block of North Civic Drive while five janitors were working there.

A hit and run occurred in front George's Giant Hamburgers on New Avenue about 8:45 p.m. The suspects were in a white car occupied by four teenage girls.

An electric scooter was stolen from a parking stall in the 2600 block of Jones Road the previous night about 11 p.m. A few hours later, across town, a McLaren Mustang convertible was stolen from the driveway of a home in the 1400 block of Camino Verde.

Thursday, Oct. 7

Road rage? A man reported that he was punched in an incident of road rage at 8:39 a.m at the intersection of Civic and Parkside drives. The suspect was driving a black Ford Expedition.

To the jerk who stole a concrete Japanese lantern from a front yard in  the 700 block of Autumn Drive: Please return it.

Two bikes were stolen from a garage at the Keys Condominium complex on 440 Civic Drive on Wednesday afternoon.

Kudos to the bicyclist who found a woman's purse behind the Safeway on Broadway! It was returned to its rightful owner.

An officer's job is never done: An off-duty police officer found a lost MasterCard at the Clip Joynt barbershop on North Main Street. 


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