Is Pot Really A Wonderdrug?

Can marijuana cure cancer, or are college medical students just looking for a good time?

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?

After watching the video that posed that very question, my wife and I had one immediate reaction: Dang! We've got the munchies.

Somewhere between Your Highness and The Godfathers of Ganga on the walls of the video store sat What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? I've heard some of the scientific theories behind the question, but the movie sounded more like a group of college students looking for an excuse to get high.

I was wrong. It's more like a group of college teachers looking for an excuse to get high and charge the cost of the pot to the school.

Now, granted, a lot of great films have started at the UCLA Film School, but the foul-mouthed puppet short Kurt Cannabis Meets Connie Cancer isn't one of them, even with the voice talents of Roseanne Barr and Malcolm McDowell.

OK, I'll try to make something clear right now. I don't like the smell of smoke, whether it's from regular tobacco or marijuana, so please try not to smoke around me. Also, I have no strong beliefs one way or another about legalizing marijuana. I do, however, believe that if there are any medical benefits to marijuana, we should seek them out.

This movie might have set back by years any scientific research into the medical benefits of marijuana. It's hard to take a man seriously when he's giggling like an idiot, even if he does have tenure.

The film interviews some of the so-called pioneers of cannabis research. Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, claims cannabis is not addictive and with normal use is much more effective than congenital cancer treatments. Dr. David Bearman, MD, seems like a scholarly author as he posits that cannabis "preferentially" kills cancer cells, actually making cancer cells commit suicide. Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD, of the University of Colorado has an impressive title, but comes off looking like a dope. 

The movie, narrated by Peter Coyote, suggests that all humans are born with cannabinoids in our bodies, that they're even in mother's milk, so we are actually hard-wired to respond to cannabis. These cannabinoids are supposed to protect nerves, but they're being overwhelmed by modern society's pollution.

I checked with my doctors and they confirmed that, although it can be difficult to understand, the biology is correct. I asked Dr. Jeffrey Norton of Stanford and Dr. Alex Metzger of the Marin Cancer Institute whether they would prescribe marijuana as a cancer cure. They both said they believe in the plant's power to ease the side effects of cancer treatments. Neither was willing to dismiss entirely the possibility that cannabis could cure cancer, but they didn't seem comfortable with the idea of a cancer patient smoking pot rather than taking chemotherapy.

The most interesting part of the film for me were interviews with researchers at California Pacific Medical Center, which backed the idea that cannabis can be medically useful. This is where the science became compelling. I am open to the idea that something in cannabis can fight cancer.

There were way too many irrelevant elements to the movie, though, to take it really seriously. The suggestion that pot was the first harvested crop in history and that cavemen used it to speed up their evolution. The debate over the legalization of marijuana between Stephen Baldwin and Ron Paul — neither of whom is as credible as Coyote, or even Betty Crocker.

Speaking of Betty, I could really go for a brownie right about now.

Jane Gray September 28, 2011 at 06:00 AM
I just ran across this bit of information, about the hijacking by the black Panther family, you smoke dope, you hang with other such "good" folks: The hijackers had identified themselves to the passengers as a Black Panther group, police said at a news conference, according to AP reports at the time. They said the hijackers smoked marijuana continuously during the flight. I guess it kept them calm while they terrorized many passengers and other innocent folks......don't be a fool, POT is not good for anyone. It is addictive, to the lady who said she quit, well lots of folks quit, but many cannot.. and it is bad for anyone, certainly not needed for medical purposes, only testing of RATS. I choose to live dope free, hate smoke of any kinds in my lungs. I use my lungs to breath fresh air and life. Don't be fooled into making this legal, take a drive past the Ritter house in San Rafael, and ask how many sitting on the curb think pot is good and should be legal,,,,,,,you may find some there who are the results of its use.
Jane Gray September 28, 2011 at 06:04 AM
Good going Robert~! I agree.
Jane Gray September 28, 2011 at 06:06 AM
It affects all of those who smoke it in negative ways,,,, who needs it, many of us have better sense. And we save all that money they are spending, stealing, growing and rolling it, and getting arrested for it. Some literally DIE for it.
Jane Gray September 28, 2011 at 06:18 AM
This is for DEREK: Did you know Derek, that whiskey was diluted with water and sugar added, and warmed to give to babies for stomach aches also in the OLDEN DAYS? Also when the Chipawa Indians of Minn/ were [curing) the babies high fever's, they would swing them over an open bon fire, rolled in a blanket. Mom said that most babies died from this. She grew up around them and they had many odd remedies, like tapping a hole in the scull to let out the evil spirits when a person had a migrain type head ache. Use of POT for medical purposes is just as anchient in thinking, it helps by fogging the pain? When other LEGAL drugs that are monitered by a good doctor can do better and the same. There are also meds' to help with nausea. (legal medication). I choose to be modern and follow doctors orders. Mom warned us always against chewing or smoking any vegitation. Oleander for example, is deadly, the smoke can kill you. Don't be fooled to think those pot brownies Derek are good for you.
Jane Gray September 28, 2011 at 06:24 AM
Thanks Joe, I remember only the wild kids listened to Cheech and Chongs dirty song lyrics,,,,, I am not at all supprised they were POT heads, we who knew better, can reflect back with honesty, like my friend who was so stoned all the time on Pot, they kicked him out of high school back in the 60s, the schools had no time to molly coddle the pot users,,,,, they were expelled immediately.


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