Letters to the Editor: Moraga’s Measure K

A reader writes with his thoughts on a proposed sales tax to help fund road repair in Moraga.


Dear Editor:

Measure K is a one percent sales tax to fund roadway repair in the Town of Moraga. If this measure is passed, our town council will vote to issue municipal bonds that will provide immediate funding for roadway repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance.

In preparation for this, our town hired Edric Kwan in July as Town Engineer and Public Works Director. Mr. Kwan is an experienced municipal engineer who is adept at pavement management. A few weeks ago Edric took the time to explain some of the technical aspects of pavement assessment and management to me and answer my questions. He utilizes the latest software tools to assist him making the best decisions –decisions that are objective, cost effective and timely.

Our meeting left me confident that our town is following the right path, at the right time with the right people.  They are focused on delivering recognizable improvements to our roads in the short term and establishing a comprehensive maintenance program for the long term.

Good roads benefit all in our community and Measure K is the first step.  I support Measure K.

William Faoro, PE Civil

TMoraga November 08, 2012 at 08:34 PM
They also all had the same thought - unpredictable income based on a sales tax which was in many ways avoidable to the older folks - making it hard to negotiate any sort of long term plan with a contractor for road care. Not to mention the money that we think we might get out of it - is not even close to what we need to actually replace a number of the failed road beds and repave them.
TMoraga November 08, 2012 at 08:39 PM
By the way you want the younger folks with young kids to start finding solutions - I propose an idea. Offer free child care at the town meetings For EVERY town meeting be it the Traffic Safety Advisory board - the general town counsel meetings etc. Find a way to stream them live via webex so parents sitting on BART can watch and even post questions via a mediator reading them. As it stands today there is NOTHING about any of these meetings which make them ACCESSIBLE to the folks with kids and two parents working.
TMoraga November 08, 2012 at 09:50 PM
LOL - Andrew do you drive anyplace between say 7am and 9am or 3:30pm and 6pm regarding the three major routes to and from Moraga? I could swear that the traffic is 3 times worse this year than it was just a year ago. Yet we haven't added any sizable number of homes ie people to the town. The #1 sales pitch developers use to convince towns to accept development plans is the ever so tempting added sales tax / revenue carrot. What developers do not want the town planner to or counsel to ask for - are road improvements major intersection improvements - or added school or park facilities to accomidate the additional people a development adds. Given this is big money and cuts into their bottom line. Not to mention the developer in most cases doesn't care how it impacts the town as long as they hit their target profit number. My brother happens to work for major developers and I kid you not his favorite part of the job is walking all over city GOV peeps who don't have the experience or the resources to actually do a full review of the developer's proposed plan and its real ramifications to the town
TMoraga November 08, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Good topic for sure it passed but really not much of a surprise. In some ways its a good thing for Moraga schools given at the current burn rate the reserve funds scraped together over the past few years is just about gone next year based on reasonable guesses as to what the state will not be sending the school district. You can bet your box of depends diapers that Moraga Schools will NEED and propose a parcel tax in the coming year or so to address the funding issues that will still remain an issue! Given the K solution for our lousy roads - I see a major fight between the older voters and the younger families in Moraga who do not want to fund Home values for everyone with their cash donations to the school district
2nd Generation Moraga November 08, 2012 at 10:12 PM
@TMoraga: donate early and often to MEF. I wouldn't count on any parcel tax passing in the near future.


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