Thanksgiving, the U.S. Constitution and American Ignorance

Most Americans don't know that the very first Thanksgiving was not about Pilgrims. It was about the US Constitution. Here's a repost of my 2011 Thanksgiving article. Enjoy!

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. American teachers tell us that we created the holiday to give thanks for the pilgrims' relatively safe completion of their first year in the New World. There were some offerings of thanks in that regard, but official Thanksgiving celebrations made only sporadic appearances in history until Congress declared a national holiday to honor the Civil War dead, wounded and families in 1863.

But the first federal Thanksgiving Day Proclamation wasn't about pilgrims or a difficult winter or a civil war. It was about government. In 1789, Congress asked President George Washington to proclaim a day of thanks for the U.S. Constitution.



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NE12Ukid November 22, 2012 at 10:53 AM
" Those who claim that our Constitution is dead, or invalid, or that "the great socialist/Marxist/Muslim/Kenyan/antichrist/terrorist Obama" has trampled it to oblivion are either lying, or ignorant, or they're just too lazy to read it. Last week, Fox News "reporter" Steve Centanni cited a nonexistent clause in the Constitution to justify Fox's corporate line that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan should recuse herself from the health insurance reform case when it reaches the court. " Interesting tie in, though I can't agree 100% with this line: " Some of our schools teach it, some don't. Those that do, teach it poorly. ' I just don't agree that the author can say with such certainty that no school is teaching this properly.


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