Creek Diva: A Long-Distance Crime, Homestead Avenue Bike Locks and A Diapered Escapee

Crime logs extend from Aug. 9 to Aug. 12.

Tuesday, August 9

Heads up. Alfred Avenue residents, there have been several vehicle break-ins in your neighborhood lately. Please make sure you lock up your cars and take your valuables with you. 

Pipe damage. A home under construction on Meander Court was vandalized overnight. Pipes in an upstairs bathroom were damaged, which caused water damage to the home. 

Ouch. A home on the 200 block of Walnut Boulevard was burglarized sometime this morning via a side window. Jewelry, camera and camera equipment were stolen. 


Wednesday, August 10

Ultra marathon. A woman called 911 and stated that she was beaten up at a club in San Jose and “ran on foot to Walnut Creek.” When police located the woman, she was arrested on charges of public intoxication. 

Not again! Yet another bicycle was stolen from Homestead Avenue,  a residence on the 1500 block. Creek Diva has seen a spike in thefts around this neighborhood lately. She highly recommends double-locking your bicycles at home. 


Thursday, August 11

Sound effects. A caller heard what sounded “like a bad accident, a car going at a high rate of speed, then a crash” on Peachwillow Lane at 3:22a.m. A man was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated. Creek Diva is reminded this time of year that she lost two friends 15 years ago to a similar crash.

Please don’t drink and drive. 

Ring lost. A city employee has lost her wedding ring on the second floor of City Hall. 

Gold coins stolen. Ten thousand dollars worth of gold coins were stolen from a home on Wales Drive. The theft occurred possibly on June 28. Investigation is ongoing. 

Improper attire.  A two year-old was found walking down the street in a diaper on the 100 block of Sharene Lane. The child was returned to home. 


Friday, August 12

Stolen Accord. A 1993 tan Honda Accord, license plate 3CFD759, was stolen from a parking spot on the 1400 of Creekside Drive. 

Garbage truck accident. As you may have heard, a garbage truck crashed into a sound wall and power pole on Ygnacio Valley Road right by John Muir Medical Center. The driver was treated for cuts and power went out in the area. 

Green crime. A solar generator was damaged on the 1600 block of Castle Hill Road. Damage was estimated at $5,000. 

Emily Politis-Owens August 19, 2011 at 01:35 PM
Yikes! I grew up on Homestead...it wasn't that block, it was the 1000 block, but still....when we moved in in 79, there were no keys to any of the doors in the house...of course, there were no locks on the doors either, but still! How times have CHANGED!!!


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