Creek Diva: A Singing Wall Climber and a Slow Fast Food Order

Police log for Nov. 1 and 2.

Thursday, November 1

A subject who appeared to be trying out for a late night version of West Side Story was seen “singing, yelling, and trying to climb walls” by Arroyo Way at 12:14a.m. The midnight thespian was not located when the police arrived.

Party foul! A party bus driver kicked two guys off a bus on Creekside Drive at nearly 3a.m. One of the men stated that the driver allegedly punched him in the face. What’s with the uptick in party buses in Walnut Creek lately?

Creeper Peeper. A caller reported seeing a male “crouching down under a window” at the Archstone Apartments on Treat Blvd at 7:12a.m.

Do you recognize these women? http://walnutcreek.patch.com/articles/police-seek-two-women-in-id-theft#photo-12065068 The ladies in the video still are accused of identity theft to purchase over $10,000 worth of items at Niemen Marcus.

A caller phoned 911 after seeing what appeared to be a reckless driver on N. Main Street and Treat Blvd at 7:30p.m. The driver of the vehicle was arrested on DUI charges and transported to the Martinez Detention Center.

Friday, November 2

A red Ford F150 was broken into on Marchbanks Drive overnight resulting in a stolen purse and credit cards. Fraudulent credit card charges were reported in Concord. Readers, please remember to take all your valuables with you!

Stolen plates. Several license plates have been reported stolen from Creekside Drive, Third Avenue, and Blvd Way.

Ammo thievery. A bag of ammo was stolen from a home on Olmo Way overnight. 9mm magazines, ammo and supplies were reported stolen.

First world problems: the Walnut Creek edition.  There was a disturbance at McDonalds over a food order that was “taking too long” at 11:20p.m. 


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