Creek Diva: Sighting of Ronald McDonald's Mom, Forcible Glue Sniffing and Reckless Drivers

Incidents from the Walnut Creek police blotter July 14 to 20.

Thursday, July 14 

Meth arrest: Two men were arrested at 1 a.m. on Treat and Buskirk Avenue on charges of being in possession of methamphetamine. 

Stolen: A white Vanpool Ford 350, license plate 6DHB507, has been reported stolen from a parking spot on Citrus Circle. 

Nice job, WCPD: A man was arrested for stealing an unlocked bicycle at 9 a.m. on Mount Diablo Boulevard. 

Thank you, Creekside neighbor: Thank you for calling police on the Prius driver who drives like a lunatic in our neighborhood. Yes, you dark brown Prius driver, license plate 6KIV458, you nearly hit Creek Diva the other day. Another thanks to the caller about the unsupervised kids at Creekside Glen. Progress!  

Friday, July 15

Allegations: A concerned caller phoned police at 12:22 a.m. about a “female employee is being forced to sniff glue.” The caller also had dreams of the female being “held down and shot up with drugs.” Yikes. 

Auto breakins: A description on the possible subject responsible for all those car break-ins on Trinity Avenue. A white male, in his thirties, 5-foot-8, thin and bald, was the description of a subject that leaving in a white Ford Mustang on Trinity Avenue at 5:38 a.m. The caller heard “glass shatter.” A gym bag, CDs and a GPS device were reported stolen. 

Close call: A 3-year-old was returned safely to his grandfather's home on Via Monte after the child was “running down the sidewalk with no adult around” at 5:21 p.m.

Purse on the trail: Kudos, kind citizen who found a purse on the bike trail near Carisa Court. The purse was returned to its owner. 

Saturday, July 16

Found bike: A girl’s 21-speed bike was turned into police after it was found downtown. Hoping for a happy ending here. 

Lock it: Oh boy, folks, how many times must I say this? Lock your vehicles and take your valuables with you. Several break-ins occurred around town overnight. Two IPods and a Bluetooth were stolen from a car on Grand Camino. NFL footballs with the initials “MP” as well as notary documents were also reported missing. 

Judge much? A caller phoned police because of a “suspicious young male driving a very expensive green Jaguar, and thinks he is too young to have such a nice car.” For real, people? 

Monday, July 17

You're lucky it was just a curb! A woman crashed into a curb on North Civic Drive at 1:55 a.m. and subsequently was arrested on charges of driving while under the influence. Take a cab. 

Time thief: Four watches valued at $6,000 each were stolen from a possible former tenant on the 2400 block of Encinal Drive. 

Ronald McDonald’s mom? A woman, wearing yellow Capri pans and toting a large red bag, stole five bottles of booze from a store on Tice Valley Boulevard this afternoon. Enjoy the hangover. Your license plate number 3LVT362 has been turned over to the WCPD. 

Goose tormenters: Hey, kids, please do not try to hit the geese with sticks at Heather Farms, thanks. 

Street fight: A cab driver phoned police after witnessing a man hit a female on North Main and Penniman Way at 10:01 p.m. The man was arrested for public intoxication.  

Tuesday, July 18

This sounds oddly familiar: Three juveniles were seen in dark clothing and “signaling to each other” at a complex on Westcliffe Place. All three boys were arrested on charges of burglary. 

Wire and pipes stolen: Copper wire and pipes were stolen from a locked storage container on Oak Road over the weekend. 

Not so fast! A subject was pulled over after someone spotted graffiti on mirrors at a business on the 2900 block of North Main Street at 12:47 p.m. The subject cleaned up the graffiti and paid for the damages. A police report will be sent to the DA. 

Maybe he needed a miracle? A man with “a beard, tie-dye shirt, straw hat” was seen stumbling around the street and was arrested for being drunk in public.  

Monday, July 19

Lame: To the jerk that stole power cords from the construction site at Las Lomas, you stink! 

Dognapping: A person on Creekside Drive allegedly stole her roommate’s dog. 

Scooter theft: A maroon Genuine Buddy motorized scooter was stolen from a residence on Village Court overnight. 

Shady snapper: A “suspicious female was seen taking pictures of the small kids in the day camp” at Heather Farm. Employees approached the photographer and she ran off.

Stolen Acura: A woman reported her Green Acura Integra, license plate 4GUD425, stolen overnight. Her purse, keys, wallet, cell phone were stolen after a fight in front of Lift Lounge. 

Swim team: Six video cameras and a CD player were stolen from the Aquanauts storage shed. The theft possibly occurred back in May. 

Fourth arrest in Locust Street drug bust: .


Wednesday, July 20

Flowerbed destruction: Eight juveniles were seen riding their bicycles through a neighbor's flower bed and lawn on Reiner Lane, destroying it. The boys in question were not located. 

Good job, Eleve Restaurant: A man lit up a cigarette the in front of the restaurant this evening and refused to put it out. The smoker was sent on his way. 

Enough with the neglect: A 4-year-old sans shoes was left unattended at Larkey Park at 6 p.m. The guardian of the child eventually showed up. 


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