Sheriff's Drones To Buzz Alameda County?

Sheriff Gregory Ahern seeks grant to get video and infrared images from four-pound drone overhead.

The sheriff of Alameda County wants to go high high tech.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern is seeking a grant to acquire a four-pound drone that could provide live video or an infrared device to track the heat of bodies, fires … and possibly the lights of indoor pot-growing operations.

The device, which would cost $50,000 to $100,000, would be remotely controlled by an operator on the ground and hover over crime or fire scenes.
See the full story on San Leandro Patch.

Warren October 09, 2012 at 04:40 PM
The sheriff's department should be stopped in its tracks on this. They want to view everything you do INSIDE your home and in your YARD, but it is "for your protection". There is no freedom when the police can view everything you do. Did your wife sun herself with her top off in your back yard? That will be a lot of fun for the sheriffs to watch. Do you have a legitimate hyrophonic garden INSIDE your house, or maybe an indoor hot tub? Looks like pot to the sheriff's peeping tom in the sky. Expect a knock on the door. We are already at the edge of a police state where everything you do is monitored to make the job of the police easier. Sure, they can solve crimes more easily. If they could monitor every conversation everyone has in their home, monitor everywhere everyone goes, monitor every penny everyone spends and on what, monitor every email, listen in on every phone call, monitor every web site everyone visits, monitor every web posting everyone makes, place "anti-domestic violence" cameras in every room of every home, monitor everything, then they could solve a LOT more crimes. Is that the world we want to live in?


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