Police, FBI Crack Bank Robbery Case

Patch labeled suspect in custody the "Same Shirt Bandit" after he allegedly robbed several banks — including Lafayette and Pleasanton —while dressed in a distinctive brown long-sleeve shirt.

Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said a man suspected of robbing a Bank of America branch in Lafayette and as many as nine other banks in the area has been taken into custody.

The alleged robber, identified as Raymond David Lopez by Alameda police, was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery charges after Lafayette Police Det. Scott Pliler helped develop information leading to his whereabouts, Christensen said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is taking over the investigation, according to an Alameda Police Department spokesman.

APD Lt. Ted Horlbeck said Lopez, who lives in Chicago and Arizona, has confessed to several of the robberies. 

Lopez was arrested June 27 by Dublin Police Services on suspicion of robbing a US Bank branch in Dublin on June 12. Lopez is also a suspect in bank robberies in Pleasanton, San Leandro and Lafayette. Dublin police said last week that Lopez confessed to eight bank robberies in California and one in Texas.

Surveillance photos from several banks showed the robber wearing a variety of hats and, in several cases, the same long-sleeved brown shirt, during the crimes.

Horlbeck said Alameda police still have follow-up work to do in connection with the local robberies, but the FBI will now take the lead role in the investigation.

Lafayette police joined the search for the robber in May after he allegedly entered the Lafayette Bank of America branch at 3530 Mt. Diablo Blvd. a little after 4 p.m. and passed a teller a note demanding money from the till.

Investigators said the suspect was wearing a dark brown, long sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans, a red or brown colored baseball cap and sunglasses. No weapon was seen.

Along with a trademark shirt, police said Lopez also wore a series of distinctive hats during his alleged robberies.


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