Police Log - A Quiet Halloween, Except For The Eggs, Fireworks, and Skunks

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012

12:13am – A woman called for help from the Alhambra High parking lot; she had just returned from a senior road trip, and had three buses and a lot full of cars all trying to leave at the same time. Welcome to every day after school.

2:03am – It being the Saturday before Halloween, there were several calls for noise complaints from parties, including one from a would-be slumberer on Estudillo St., who failed to see the point of early morning revelry over the delights of a good night’s sleep.

2:07am – A home on Andrews Dr. was egged by eggers inside a dark-colored SUV, who then drove away.

2:09 – An always-delightful way to awaken in the middle of the night is when, as this family on Virginia Hills Dr. discovered, some inebriated individual you don’t know decides that it’s your door he wants to knock loudly on.

2:35am – Another far-less-than-sober individual was pulled over and arrested for drunkenness. 

10:11am – Folks on Linden Lane expressed their disconcertment over the actions of three juveniles who decided it would be a good idea to blow noise maker horns, arousing the objection of every dog in the neighborhood.

11:51am – A woman reported that a man assaulted her on the corner of Alhambra Ave. and Marina Vista, smashing the window of her car, taking her car keys and purse before fleeing.

7:43pm – Several callers phoned in to report fireworks going off in the Mission Pines area at Pine St. and Cordova Lane. Apparently the callers had no association to the world of baseball.

9:18pm – More fireworks reported, this time near the Senior Center Apartments on Ferry St.

9:26pm – At Pine St. and Kingston Ave, a resident said loud explosions had been going on for over an hour. Since it was post-series, it was probably not the sound of Giant bats.

10:05pm- A woman in an apartment building on Foster St. was hit on the head with a brick after a dispute. The fire department responded as well as police.

Monday, Oct. 29, 2012

3:20am – Someone reported seeing a suspicious man near a home on Robinson St. carrying a flashlight. When he walked away from the home, he left a bag behind. The man was arrested for carrying burglary tools.

8:32am – A driver at Alhambra Ave. and Alhambra Way reported a washing machine in the middle of the road. Someone made a clean getaway.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012

9:08am – A caller notified police that someone had “urinated in her sink and possibly drank her juice.”

10:42am – A man in front of the First Baptist Church on Alhambra Ave. was yelling at people and saying he was going to take care of them. Apparently he wasn’t referring to caring for them in a compassionate way. He was gone when police arrived to care for him.

1:29pm – A pedestrian was hit by a car at the corner of Ferry St. and Escobar St. An ambulance was called to the scene.

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012

9:10am – A couple came onto the property of CW Tree and Landscape and took the recycling. When confronted, one of the recycling absconders said that they could do what they wanted. Before police could arrive and explain the limits of their “do what they want-ness,” they had left the area.      

2:14p – A resident on Soto St. notified police that a white van with skull decals on the back and black and yellow tape in places parks at 10:20 a.m. five times a week and suspects someone is living there.

4:00pm – Some kids were reported joyriding in a Safeway handicapped cart around the Walgreen’s parking lot and the Adult School.

6:52pm – It finally happened; someone backed into the rail surrounding the outside dining platform at Haute Stuff restaurant on Main St. and bent the rail. Fortunately, no customers were bent in the process.

8:22pm – A group of kids were reported throwing rocks at cars on Loire Court.

8:49pm – A man was reported on Robinson St. sitting on a porch handing out candy and taking photographs of children. He was gone when police arrived.

Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012

8:51am – A man witnesses described as “acting crazy” was drinking and harassing customers at the Amtrak Station. Police arrived and invited him to join them for a little get-together at County Jail.

10:26am – Police received a report from the Alhambra Manor Apartments manager that unknown people were enjoying the wonders of fire near the dumpsters and in the rear of the carports for the past three nights.

10:28am – A fellow in a black jacket and jeans was found sleeping in the creek by the Martinez Adult School, and police advised him of the error of his choice. They also advised him of his Miranda rights and gave him a ride to county jail.

10:30am – The manager of the Alhambra Manor Apartments on Alhambra Way advised authorities that she received a letter saying there were drug deals going on in the complex, and threatening her if she did not take care of it. An interesting tenant/landlord relationship.

12:28pm – A bunch of bicycles, or rather former bicycles, were found on the southeast corner of the Hillside Apartments on F St. The bikes had been stripped, and were probably stolen.

3:51pm – Police received a report of a dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinking to high heaven.

Robinson Crusoe November 13, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Sooo there is a person so poor that they are sleeping in the creek and they get arrested? We sure care about the needy here.
Chris J Kapsalis November 13, 2012 at 10:30 PM
There was a man stuck in the creek here about 2 years ago and was half in the water. He was yelling and cussing for an hour. We finally figured oiut what was going on and called 911. The police came and helped him. Also the fire fighters were called with a big ladder and probably saved his life. He was treated withy respect while cussing the whole time. Maybe mentally ill. I seen the MPD work,and they treat homeless with respect. Most of the time call Homeless outreach to find them a bed and some food. Unless a crime is commeted or a warrent maybe, I have never seen the mpd arrest or harrass homeless, mnore like save them. there is probably more to this sotry thasn the short blob here. Maybe he had a warrent? Who knows. Yes we do care about the needy here.


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