Police Think Missing Teen Might Be a Runaway

Pleasant Hill police doubt the possibility of foul play for 17-year-old Bogdan Predescu.

Police are investigating whether missing 17-year-old Bogdan Predescu might have run away from home.

Predescu left Walnut Creek in his mother's Honda Civic, without her permission, on July 10, and hasn't been back since, his mother Adina Ionesco told Patch in.

Police don't believe foul play was involved, said Lt. Dan Connelly of the Pleasant Hill Police Department.

Connelly described Predescu as "tech-savvy" and said he has been communicating with friends using an iTouch. He did not take his cell phone with him, Ionesco said.

"It looks like he staged his disappearance," said Connelly Wednesday, without elaborating.

"He's 6-1, 180," said Connelly. "The chances that he was abducted are pretty slim."

Ionesco said she reported her son as missing to the Pleasant Hill police. Predescu is due to be a senior at Las Lomas High in Walnut Creek this fall.

In the days before he left, Predescu had been through some emotional upheavals, his mother said — a breakup with a girlfriend and a goodbye to relatives who had visited and were returning to Romania.
Predescu had told friends he planned to visit Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Southern California or Arizona.

Friends worried about Predescu have launched a "Finding Bogdan" Facebook page looking to publicize his disappearance. It includes the license plate of the Honda Civic and has collected more than 560 fans.

That license plate number has been entered into a national data system so police officers are on the lookout, said Connelly.

Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill detectives have been communicating about the case, Connelly said.

Corina July 21, 2011 at 02:52 AM
I know Bogdan and his familly personally for few years and I know for sure he is not a "tech-savy", but he is a smart teen who would never do such things on his own without support. He loves his mother and familly and it is not in his character to make them worry. He is loving, a great son and friend, and responsible student. Personally I'm convinced he would have call his mother by now if he had the posiblity/opportunity! Someone is supporting him with his "teen decision". We search for him and pray for his safety!
Andrea Kurtz July 21, 2011 at 04:31 PM
You know, it just takes one simple call to a parent or friend to say that you're alive & well and that you need a time out... a parent might be angry but causing so much grief in the family and having friends upset thinking you're missing is just not a nice thing to do. Let's just hope he's alright and just being DUMB! If you're out there reading this, CALL HOME to let them know you've run away, they'll be pissed and probably still won't be able to locate you still but they will feel alot better knowing you're alright... that goes for all the other teens out there thinking of doing something similiar... putting someone in a position where their mind is leading them to terrible places over worry of the safety of someone is being unecessarily CRUEL. Having to open your eyes in the morning everyday to the same nightmare, not knowing where your loved one is, is a horrible tragedy and kids that are just running away from home should just call and say they are SAFE! Your parents love you no matter what you might think, call a friend, a neighbor, JUST CALL SOMEONE & let them know that it's not the worst they are probably imagining... You & everyone else will feel alot better about you leaving home!
Deborah Burstyn July 21, 2011 at 04:51 PM
It is hard being a teen. Having immigrant parents can add culture clashes to the emotional growing pains. War or other trauma with post traumatic stress disorder can further complicate the mix. I know. That was my life. I ran away from home several times as a teen but only to friends' homes in the neighborhood. I really hope this boy is okay and that he and his family can work things out.
tough critic July 26, 2011 at 05:33 PM
It has been 6 days since this article was published, and 16 days since this boy went missing. What has the police investigation brought up? Over 750 followers on the facebook sight, where is the follow-up?
Steve Smith August 02, 2011 at 02:09 PM
He was seen in Santa Cruz yesterday. Here is the link: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/ci_18596006?source=most_viewed


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