City Has Street Resurface Program for Summer

In the near term, the city talks with EBMUD about a more permanent patch for section of South Main Street that had a water main break Dec. 27.

As the city of Walnut Creek makes plans for its summer 2012 repaving program, it is also in discussion with the East Bay Municipal Utilities District about a more even, durable patch on the surface of South Main Street along Broadway Plaza.

The patch that was there was a temporary patch made

EBMUD will put the more durable "hot mix" asphalt patch on South Main within the next month, said Rich Payne, public services manager for the city. The city will arrange with the utility to do the work at an off-peak time, perhaps on a weekend, Payne said.

The city will monitor to see that there's good compaction, Payne said. It will probably be good for 15 to 20 years.

In the meantime, the city has a working document (see the PDF that accompanies this article) for the 2012 program, with work to start in the early summer after school lets out.

There are three big "overlay" projects resulting in a smoother — final surface than the larger number of streets slated for the less expensive "slurry seal" treatment, said Payne.

The big overlay projects are:

  • Newell Avenue from Broadway to South Main Street.
  • South California Boulevard from Olympic Boulevard to Newell Avenue.
  • San Luis Road from Larkey Lane to North Main Street. With this one, EBMUD is finished with work on underground pipes that have left a rough road that needs an overlay, Payne said.

"There (are) currently 213 centerline miles of paved streets within the City of Walnut Creek," Payne wrote in an email. "To determine what streets are selected, staff inspects all the streets within the city on a 3-year rotational cycle and a priority list is developed. The streets are given a standard measurement or grade according to pavement quality or condition."

srl99 January 13, 2012 at 03:13 PM
The city needs to talk to EBMUD about the patch job they did when they replaced a section of water main on Homestead, between Dantley and Calder. Seems like a temporary patch. Did EBMUD get scared when they hit a gas main, or was this project always planned to replace just a few hundred feet of water main?


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