City Plans Golf Clubhouse Renovations

Walnut Creek planning for several months of construction at Boundary Oak in 2013.

The city of Walnut Creek is making plans for an overhaul of the clubhouse of Boundary Oak Golf Course.

The city is hoping to do the construction in 2013, City Manager Ken Nordhoff said at a City Council budget planning retreat Friday at the golf course. The city anticipates an interruption of the restaurant and banquet business at the clubhouse for no more than six months, said Barry Gordon, director of arts, recreation and community service.

City Council members expressed general support for the renovations, estimated at $1.0 to $1.8 million in staff documents. The clubhouse opened in 1969.

"I'm for the most improvements we can afford," said Council member Gary Skrel, who qualified his remarks by noting that he was an avid golfer. "The community expects a quality facility and a high level of service."

"We could improve access by making improvements to these facilities," said Council member Kristina Lawson.

The city will prepare a detailed plan with financing operations, including the possibility of borrowing, said Nordhoff. That plan will go before the Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission and the City Council for a formal vote.

SR April 30, 2012 at 12:59 AM
"I'm for the most improvements we can afford," said Council member Gary Skrel. You can't afford any improvements Mr. Skrel. It's pet projects like these that got us in this mess in the first place. The library for Cindy Silva, the Golf Course for you, Open Space for Mr. Simmons, the LCA at any price for just about every Council member and so on. All these things merit funding but only after basic local government services that benefit everyone are fully funded. Enough with the pet projects and personal agendas. Back to basics for awhile under we can elect some people that understand the role of government.
scanner brain April 30, 2012 at 05:52 PM
You guys missed a few good stories this weekend. There was some kind of fight downtown where a homeless guy stabbed another guy who ended up going to the hospital. A day or two earlier I heard some traffic about another homeless guy grabbing a female's breast outside a store downtown (I only caught the tail end of what was going on so I'm not sure how it ended.). Our homeless population seems to be growing bigger and bigger every year. I'm thinking maybe they all are upset about the state of our golf course!
One more time with feeling April 30, 2012 at 07:10 PM
SR, I sort of agree. WC spending on the LCA is more than the combined total that all the surrounding cities spent on "Performing Arts" would certainly be laughable if it was not so sad. The self-proclaimed royalty cannot see that they have no clothes. Open space is good, helps property value and environment. The Contra Costa County Library downtown Walnut Creek Branch brings in very little income - basically, pocket change for meeting room rental. Contrast this with how much this LEED certified building costs to operate and maintain: http://www.contracostatimes.com/news/ci_20496729/walnut-creek-library-hours-dilemma 3rd paragraph from the bottom says it costs the city, annually, $375,000 for maintenance and operations. 6 days/week x 52 weeks/year = 312 days $375,000/312 days = ~$1,200 per day. This does not include salaries (from Measure Q or County-paid staff). The Director of the Library Foundation has the gall to say the City Council "needs to take action" and "A million dollars is a lot". The WC Library Foundation needs to take action and raise funds to support the CCCLdWCB. Mrs Anderson, kudos for recognizing $1,000,000 is a lot of money. The City has a deficit of AT LEAST $2,100,000 (likely more). Stated differently: The City does not have $1,000,000 to spend on County library staff. You claim it is the busiest library, but we've seen published articles showing library visits are plummeting. At least the Golf course and clubhouse bring in some $.
Creek Diva April 30, 2012 at 08:29 PM
@Scanner Brian, please feel free to email me about any stories you hear about wcpatchcreekdiva@gmail.com
Jim May 01, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Why are we reading about a stabbing in the comments section? Doesn't anyone report these things? Does the city issue releases? Do reporters call and ask questions anymore?


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