Elections 2012: Michael Anderson, Candidate for Lafayette City Council

Mike Anderson is running for one of three open seats on the Lafayette City Council

General Information

Name : Michael Anderson
Age : NA
Place of residence : Lafayette



Attended college : Yes
College : UC Berkeley
Degree : Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
Year of graduation : 1977

Grad school

Employment Information

Job titles held : Asst. General Manager for Planning/Stewardship and Development
Employers : East Bay Regional Park District

Political Information

Party affiliation : NA
Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Lafayette City Council
Incumbent: Yes
Previous elective offices : Elected to Lafayette City Council in 2004
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices : None

Party HQ


Campaign Manager

Name : Self


Website : NA
Facebook : NA

Other facts


Regular Guy October 21, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Mike, what if anything will you do to resist the pressure by MTC, ABAG, and other unelected quasi-governments promoting high-density housing in Lafayette? Will you join other cities fighting them? Will you refuse their money? In all the candidates' websites and statements, I have only found one candidate, Traci Reilly, who even hinted at this crucial issue: "I believe we need to maintain greater local control of that growth and to stand up to outside agencies that are a driving force behind some of the development." I wish we had 3 candidates who would pledge to fight MTA and ABAG to the bitter end, until the state's voters wake up and terminate those unaccountable agencies.


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