Five Candidates Seeking Two Martinez City Council Seats

The filing deadline was 5 p.m. Wednesday, so these are the candidates who will seek office in November.

Five Martinez residents have added their names to that of incumbent Mark Ross for two seats on the Martinez City Council in the Nov. 5 eleciton. 

Filing closed Wednesday in the City Council race and two others in the Martinez area which were held open an extra five days because one or more incumbents didn't file by last Friday's deadline.

The large number of city council candidates was likely caused by the decision of Councilwoman Janet Kennedy not to seek re-election. She will leave the council when her term ends in November. 

Competing with Ross for the two seats on the ballot will be Dylan Radke, chair of the city's Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission; Arseno "Chaz" Escudero, who is describing himself on the ballot as an analyst/reservist/educator; and Anamaria Avila Farias, a senior budget manager; and Mike Alford, who did not include a ballot designation.  Two others who had taken out nomination papers did not file them. 

In other city elections, city clerk Gary Hernandez has no opposition for a new four-year term while treasurer Carolyn Robinson is opposed by Charles Martin.

In the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, incumbent Sherry Whitmarsh is running with four others for two seats. Incumbent Gary Eberhart chose not to seek re-election.  The district includes the southeastern area of Martinez. 

Joining Whitmarsh on the ballot will be Brian Lawrence of Walnut Creek, listed on the ballot as educator/technology executive; Ernie Detrinidad of Clayton, retired/parent; Debra Mason of Bay Point, educational consultant; and Barbara Oaks of Pleasant Hill, retired educator. No one from Martinez has served on the Mt. Diablo school board. 

Central Sanitary District incumbents James Nejedly, Walnut Creek, and Barbara Hockett, Alamo, are seeking re-election, but Mario Menesini, Walnut Creek is not. Four others will be on the ballot, including Tad Pilecki, wastewater engineering Manager of Martinez; Richard Clark, asset manager, of Danville; Deborah Hinkson, accountant, Alamo; and Paul Causey, wastewater management consultant, Walnut Creek.  Should Pilecki be elected, he would be the first person from Martinez to serve on the board. 

Filing closed last Friday in other Martinez area races, including the Martinez Unified School District and Mt. View Sanitary District.  A scheduled election for the Mt. Diablo Health Care District board was cancelled when the county Local Agency Formation Commission voted to dissolve the controversial district last week.

Susan JunFish September 15, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Hi Mike: do you have an e-mail address? I'd like to send you some info from the Lamorinda Democratic Club. We are asking those registered Democrats to download a questionniare from our website and submit it before Sept 28th to be considered for endorsement. I could not find your contact info anywhere. Thanks, Susan JunFish LDC Candidates Endorsement committee
MIKE ALFORD September 15, 2012 at 05:35 PM
let me see if im back on patch yet
MIKE ALFORD September 15, 2012 at 05:38 PM
yes Susan JunFish --- My email is --- m10150@aol.com --
MIKE ALFORD September 15, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Also you can see just how your vote DOES count look what happend when the people of North Pacheco Got to VOTE ---- They had the last word and they got their way ! Now there is talk of ONE Shot For Their Special Candidate ---- YOU have Two empty Council Seats ! -------- Not One ! ----- Use Both Of Your VOTES --- That Is Your Right ! --- dont let the Big Posters -- and special pretty mailers -- move you --- just take a few moments to look at where these posters are --- what & where they have been put up at and just what these people have done for YOU & How Well they Have listened and what they have done for You in the past !
MIKE ALFORD September 16, 2012 at 07:48 PM
the pure simple fact ----- if the people want to be counted and have their say -- than you had better put RADKE And ALFORD On the COUNCIL ! ---- Or get Ready for Four More Years Of Them not listening To The Citizens And you Taxpayers --- Look at what letting the voters in North Pacheco Did When They Got to have their SAY !! ------ And Yours Truly Was behind getting the SIGNATURES so it would And Could Be voted on By The Citizens and voters ! You see You Can change Things If You Want ! You Need people That will stand up and Repersent YOU --- Send Things To A VOTE Or LISTEN To YOU The VOTER -- After all you are the ones THEY WORK FOR !!!!


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