Flood Control Effort Expands to Salsipuedes Creek

The Community Restoration Project will do some work on the creek near Bay Village on Saturday.

A stretch of Salsipuedes Creek that many worry could flood Watsonville neighborhoods during a big rain event will get some flood mitigation work Saturday, County Supervisor Greg Caput announced.

The Community Restoration Project will do some maintenance along the creek near Bridge Street and beyond. Wood chips will be spread over recently weeded areas so as to prevent excessive vegetation growth and thereby create greater flow capacity.

The main stem of the Pajaro River received major flood control improvements during the summer, but many in the community have expressed concerns about Salsipuedes Creek, which abuts a senior housing development, as the real flood threat in the area.

Caput, whose Fourth District includes that area, organized the project at the request of Bay Village residents, the seniors who live closest to the creek. Salsipuedes Creek has levees on its lower stretches, but years of sediment deposits have raised the level of the creek.

The Community Restoration Project participates in a number of public interest projects providing pathways back into the community for juvenile and adult offenders through employment, advocacy, mentorship and community strengthening. The Community Restoration Project also serves a host of other at-risk populations who experience multiple barriers to employment.

Crews will be out working at the creek starting at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Lucas September 29, 2012 at 05:49 AM
Greg Caput? On May 8th 2,007 the Watsonville City Counsel voted on a resolution to make Watsonville a Sanctuary City by a vote of 4 to 3. The city counsel members who voted for the resolution: Greg Caput Manuel Quintero Bersamin Oscar Rios Kimberly Petersen The city counsel members who voted against the resolution: Antonio Rivas Edward Din Dale Skillicorn
Allyn Zinter September 29, 2012 at 03:33 PM
What is a Sanctuary City ?? A safe place for illegals and gangs??
HizDesign September 29, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Allyn; (courtesy of wikipedia) - Sanctuary city Sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States that follows certain practices that protect illegal immigrants. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto). The term generally applies to cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws, usually by not allowing police or municipal employees to inquire about one's immigration status. The designation has no legal meaning.[1] - So, yes Allyn, your definition is at least half-right :(
Jennifer Squires September 29, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Dodge's op-ed actually ran on Patch first. Here's the link: http://watsonville.patch.com/articles/letter-to-the-editor-levee-project-not-enough Flood control is a huge issue in our valley. It's disappointing that this conversation has gotten off-track ...
Steve Bankhead September 30, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Jennifer: It's off-track to point out the self-serving nature of Dodge's submission to Patch and both local newspapers? Should the commenters have simply offered kudos for Dodge on publicizing (exploiting?) the issue of flood control to puff up his ambitions? Sorry, but I don't participate in happy talk. My only regret with the Sept. 24th post is that I didn't mention him praising councilman Bersamin for his past efforts on the issue, while ignoring the non-stop current pushing by Councilwoman Nancy Bilicich for Salsipuedes Creek maintenance. Of course, Dodge's only mentions of Biicich during council meetings tend to be put-downs of her for actually questioning city hall instead of rubber-stamping it.


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