Joan Buchanan, at a glance

Buchanan represents the 15th Assembly district but is a hardcore, die-hard Niners fan, among other things.

Age: 57

Job: Democrat, 15th Assembly District of California

Salary: $95,291

Family:  Single mother of five adult children. All attended local public schools and all have graduated from college.; two grandchildren, a 3-year old granddaughter and a 6-month old grandson. 

Background: Education is her passion. Neither of her parents graduated from high school. They were separated most of her childhood, and mom worked as a waitress to support four children. She stayed up late at night helping mom count her tips and watched her save $5, $10, $20 at a time for a down payment on a house – a very small house.  It taught her the value of a dollar. 

Education: Lowell High, San Francisco; Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from UC Santa Barbara; worked her way through school along with scholarships and loans. 

Fun Fact: Growing up in San Francisco, became a fanatic 49er and Giants' fan; attended the game where Montana threw "the catch" to Clark in the 1981/82 playoffs leading to the Niners' first Super Bowl win.  

Philosophy: A "realist" and "eternal optimist"; believes California can solve any problem through honesty and working together. 


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