RivCo Supervisor Rips State for Salton Sea Inaction

Marion Ashley blames state for not taking measures to restore the Salton Sea

Riverside County 5th District Supervisor Marion Ashley is accusing Sacramento and Washington of not working with locals and showing "neglect and exploitation" when it comes to efforts to restore the Salton Sea.

"...the resources appear to be in hand, the locals are united and willing to forge ahead with a new plan. They just need cooperation and support instead of neglect and exploitation from the state and federal government." Ashley said via a statement released today from his position as the Chairman of the Board of The Salton Sea Authority.

The topic has become a hot-button issue this week, as the weekend thunderstorms pushed the locally-known "Salton Stink" into Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties, prompting complaints and 911 calls over the "rotten egg odor".

As part of the solution, Ashleys says it will take more than just words and good intentions from the state and federal government.

"In 2003, the QSA legislation directed the Resource Agency to develop a restoration strategy and funding plan.  Four years and 20 million dollars later, Resources presented a plan estimated to cost 9 billion dollars. To this day, no funding plan has been proposed.

The legislature failed to act on the Resources’ plan and instead formed a Salton Sea Restoration Council to generate an actionable plan.  The council never met, and in the current budget cycle, the legislation empowering the Restoration Council was repealed." 

After noting that the state has approved millions of dollars on plans to restore the wildlife habitat, only to see bills stalled in committees and money vetoed at the Governor's desk, Ashley says its time for Sacramento to give up efforts, and return authority to the local level.

"It is time for the state to step aside," Ashley said, "and yield the reins to the Salton Sea Authority, the local entity that is committed to resolving this issue of critical concern to all who hope to breathe freely in a healthy environment and strong economy."

Ron Moon September 13, 2012 at 09:57 PM
I suggest Supervisor Ashley, you quit depending so much on Taxpayer funds to solve All of our problems here locally. The only source of funding @ this point in our History is going to be Private Investors who see The Salton Sea connecting via a Canal and/or Pipeline. Land Values would soar. Salt water fishing, boating etc. The only aspect of the Sea that would involve the Federal Government is to correct the flow of the New River,the most polluted river in the U.S., back to Mexico. An International Treay would be required in that case. Moneys would have to be paid to the Mexican Government to accept their own filth. Take Imperial Beach, CA. The Tiajuana Sewage system was funded by the U.S. Taxpayer because Mexico was unwilling to treat the waste their Citizens produced. Man, you elected Officials sure are quick on the trigger to spend someone elses money aren't you.
Judy Colgero September 13, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Thank you very much Supervisor Ashley - let's hope state and federal officials break through the red tape and cooperate to get this serious problem resolved before an even worse event occurs.
Captain Obvious September 13, 2012 at 11:25 PM
A few days of stink? No problem. We can hack that. Years of stink emanating from the money grubbing leftists that run this state is far more harmful than a mere "rotten egg smell".
Lisa d September 14, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Where is Bono Mac on this one, she took praise for supporting this project years ago. She is our rep and she need to to get public and private monies together. Hey the state has less funds and the feds were left with two wars to pay for. To bad the sultan sea is not in Iraq ,seems like there was our money paying for rebuilding there. In the mean time why are we not cleaning up around the sea where there is so much trash and wreaked cars, junk, left over buildings from the 50's, and millions odf dead fish that is going to smell up our valley. Can that not be cleaned up. Looks like a 3rd world country. Tell the republicans to spend some money in our communities vs sending it off to fight wars that should never been started.
Linda Davis September 14, 2012 at 06:23 PM
I agree with Ron - quit depending on taxpayer funds. Let us solve the problem locally with private investors & businesses. The government must be aggressive & deal with the flow of the New River.


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