Taxing Times In Moraga -- Yea Or Nay Survey Results Released Tonight

Three hundred Moragans were recently asked if they would support a one percent sales tax increase to repair "failing" roads. Results of the survey will be released tonight (Wednesday).


Moragans -- and just about everyone else, it seems -- have shown a proclivity for hanging onto their wallets of late, so the results of a recent phone survey testing local support for a one percent sales tax increase to fund road repairs should prove interesting.

Three hundred residents were surveyed. Locals were asked if they would support a once percent sales tax increase or Community Facilities District (CFD). A representative from Godbe Research, the firm conducting the survey, will present their findings during a special meeting of the Moraga Town Council tonight at 7 p.m. in the La Sala Room of the .

The Town's Revenue Enhancement and Community Outreach to Neighborhoods (RECON) committee suggested a survey be conducted as Moraga looks for ways to fund repair of its roads. City leaders have suggested that the situation has reached a critical stage and that putting off repairs will only cost more -- down the road.

Adoption of the CFD with a target assessment of $100 per household would generate $450,000 per year and be used to help generate millions in bonds, experts say. If approved, an increase in the sales tax would generate approximately $900,000 a year. Advisors have suggested a combination of the two plans would generate sufficient monies to ensure road repairs and distribute the financial responsibility for the fix between residents and visitors who shop here.

2nd Generation Moraga June 14, 2012 at 09:44 PM
KG - agreed, I don't see the shell game being played here, I see a Town Council trying to make do with what they have, while providing a level of service we Moragans are looking for. Regarding Measure A - I believe it is an example of drawing a line between additional taxes that impact a select population (citizens with students in MSD), versus funding that impacts all citizens (roads). Yes...yes... yes, please spare me the flaming rhetoric about how the schools boost the property values, I believe that, however also believe that ADDITIONAL funding (above and beyond the current parcel taxes) now need to come from MEF, etc...
Kevin Grabenstatter June 14, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Hope I don't misspeak here, but I think we're talking about two distinct fiscal entities with the town and the schools (though it all comes out of the same pockets at the end of the day: mine and yours). Anyway... nobody likes paying more taxes, but the schools have been crushed by state cuts, just like the UC system. Unfortunately, demographics have dictated that there are more people in Moraga without kids in the schools these days. Guess they already got their's -- to hell with supporting the next generation. It's a minority though. Looks like a 2% vote swing would have bumped Measure A above 66%.
Chris Nicholson June 14, 2012 at 10:35 PM
KG: No conspiracy theory alleged. Just well meaning people taking the path of least resistance. Raising more money always seems less painful than cutting spending. In the quest to raise money, the best marketing is to suggest that gotta-have-it items will be first to cut in the absence of new taxes. Voting for a tax & spend package where I get more than I give will always seem appealing. There need not be an evil cabal to get to suboptimal outcomes. It is the natural order of things given our flawed system....
2nd Generation Moraga June 14, 2012 at 10:42 PM
CN: agree in general, but not in this case. I just don't see anything in Morsga to cut, which will offset the funds needed for the infrastructure upkeep.
Chris Nicholson June 14, 2012 at 11:01 PM
I don't know the details, I just recognize the pattern. As I hinted above and have spelled out more broadly on other threads, I would support the following road tax: 1. Average general fund spending on roads for past five years must continue on a matching use-or-lose basis 2. 100% of prior run-rate + 100% of incremental revs used exclusively for roads (narrowly defined) 3. Tax must have sunset (used to retire bonds only, then goes away) 4. Scope of project would cover the full cost of say 50% of the worst roads 5. In addition, leave room in budget for 50/50 matching funds for another ~25% (first come, first served) streets/areas that don't make the cut but who organize special benefit districts to fix on their own (they pay 50%, city road fund pays 50%).


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