The Celebrity Distraction that I hope is FAILING.

Hollywood celebs thrust themselves into an election and have provided zero facts but a lot of distraction, fear, and panic.

Thank God this election is almost over. I mean for goodness' sake Barack Obama has been campaigning for the last 6 years. From his record alone you can see he certainly hasn't been governing or leading the country into anything but the ground.

So out comes the narcissistic misinformed Hollywood chicks that are so annoying—Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johannsen and Kerry Washington, pontificating in an ad that Mitt Romney is going to de-fund Planned Parenthood, force women to undergo invasive Ultrasounds—huh? And redefine rape? (I personally think if you don't have a vagina, you don't get to talk about or make decisions about one, IMO) Overturn Roe v. Wade. Not one thing in this ad is true. But it is and was a huge distraction from real issues.

Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in January of 1973. The court is mainly liberal, and abortion no matter what you think of it is the law of the land. This is a distraction Eva, not an issue.

De-funding Planned Parenthood, well frankly when it really starts to care for women's health other than just abort babies and give out birth control on my dime it should be de-funded. I called 8 - yes 8 Planned Parenthood offices to schedule a mammogram and I couldn't get one because it is not a service that they offer, according to 8 of their offices in California. So Ms. Washington and Johannsen, you clearly are too busy lunching at The Ivy or getting drag queen make up applied to actually do any research. But I did my due diligence and couldn't get myself a cancer screen or mammogram at a Planned Parenthood office. So what exactly is the purpose?

Ms. Kerry Washington, the star of the ABC show Revenge, also spouted off how the Republicans want to take away "our right to vote." Is she high? Did anyone actually buy that line of crap? Probably the same people who thought buying a Kardashian Kash card for $100 to have a debit card with the Kardashian name on it? She also went on a tangent about women not getting equal pay under a Romney administration. I wonder if she bothered to ask the women in the Obama administration how they dig making 18% less than the men under Barack. Seriously, you can't just make this crap up. People get distracted by the celebrity and forget that there are real issues at your home that the current administration is epically failing at. And if you have family in New York and Staten Island they are doing an absolutely gross job of caring for "We The People". 

It got all those people that are feeble minded enough and think the Kardashians are something worthy of a nanosecond of attention worked up over distractions that celebrities spewed out that just were not true. Again, the distraction of celebrity clouds the real issues. Two weeks ago on twitter Eva Longoria called half of the women in America "stupid" on twitter. Yeah, she's a classy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. 

But here are some facts if you are a woman and are on the fence or have your judgement clouded by some out of touch Hollywood elitist that is so narcissistic on her twitter feed she put that she is a "philanthropist"—seriously? Eva Longoria, a philanthropist. I know a lot of wealthy people that do a lot, and not one of them on their resume says "philanthropist", but they also have a lot more class Hollywood could come up with collectively. They give quietly, and give A lot—probably more than you even have.

First of all, you can be a woman, independent and self-reliant, and a stay-at-home mom, or anything it is that you want to be, and be self-supporting through your own contributions. You do not have to have your hand out. If you need it, yes, but if you have the ways and means then please move onward and upward in your life. Do not buy into the delusion, their demands make you dependent on the government. (Have you been paying attention to Hurricane Sandy? Gov't sort of sucks at caring for people, and it did during Katrina too.) Doesn't matter what administration was in your White House, the government is not competent enough to care for you. 

Here are some facts. Since Barack Obama has been in office:

  • 4 million more women are in poverty.
  • 580,000 more women unemployed
  • Highest poverty rate for women in 18 years.

Our entire economy is at a standstill and in complete shambles. Barack Obama couldn't find his way out of a paper bag, and it is evidently more and more clear everyday. Hence bringing in the smoke and mirrors and drag queen make up of Hollywood.

These are statistics that are true and something that Hollywood elite freaks are so not in touch with. They have no idea what it is like to work paycheck-to-paycheck. To not have enough money. To worry about how you will take care of your kids. They do not get it. As a mom, a wife, and a member of a family that has children with special needs, I get the worry, the frustration, the annoyance of the last 5 years and this abusive economy. Hollywood does not get it. Do not get sucked into the egos, and narcissism, who with their celebrity status distracted everyone from the real issues that face the people in this country. 

No administration is going to take away your right to vote, abortion (love it or hate it) is the law of the land and not going away, and if you can afford a $15 martini Sandra Fluke, you can afford birth control.

Don't be fooled by the distraction of Hollywood. While Eva Longoria says she cares about women and people and is a laughable philanthropist according to her job title on Twitter. This week she was in Vegas partying with Barack while people in Staten Island are dumpster diving for food, because the administration she thinks is so awesome is too busy to help those that right now can’t help themselves. Classy.

Vote your heart, follow the facts, do not follow the Hollywood non-example of life. 

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MFriedrich November 05, 2012 at 07:46 PM
My view is that most workers and business owners don't want to know the truth, which is this: The bailouts are over. Our government is broke. Income and corporate taxes have to increase (tax cuts must cease). More income tax loop holes must close (like the mortgage interest deduction). Social program expenditures and government employment must be cut. And we cannot afford more foreign military interventions and nation building (sorry Israel). The income tax stimilus and corporate tax stimulus programs all failed to produce job growth and business confidence. Foreclosure prevention legislation has prevented housing market stabilization and full recovery. We have to operate from a balanced federal budget from now on and control deficit spending and debt. Is this a Republican view or Democratic view? Neither. Neither side is willing to level with the American people about the facts on the ground. Yet there's no shortage of individuals, it seems to me, convinced that Romney or Obamas has what it takes to lead us out of this mess with what? wait for it...more government stimulus and deficit spending - continuing the failed policies of the past.
Rebecca Goddard November 05, 2012 at 08:48 PM
I don't believe that most people are reasonable. I believe that a lot are gullible. If you can get 2000 people to buy a Kardashian Kash Debit Card for $100 before there is money on it, and have them pay 24% a month service charge, there are too many stupid people that fall under the ether of celebrity, and buy the whole bag of crap that they sell.
Rebecca Goddard November 05, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Celebrites and the left forged a phony War on Women, and all the issues that you state are those that need to be addressed. Obama clearly has failed epically, and the American people chose Mitt Romney as the candidate. Thank Christ it wasn't Ashley Judd or some buffoon like that.
MFriedrich November 05, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Well, if Americans can do something stupid like that, then any bad idea is possible. Like nominating Sarah Palin for Vice President or super-sizing the French Fries with a McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese meal.
MFriedrich November 05, 2012 at 09:21 PM
I wish I could share your seemingly limitless supply of confidence in Mitt Romney to make it all better again. The reality on the ground and in the fiscal books do not point to a rainbow-filled sunshiny day for either candidate over the next 4 years. Deep austerity measures are in order for the US. Romney is more likely to implement these than Obama, but the pain experienced by middle class and poorer voters - particularly poor, women, unemployed, elderly - will get a lot worse. My view is that the economy is so sick and dysfunctional that it probably needs to get worse before it gets better. But in our fast-food, instant gratification culture ("OMG Obama didn't fix it all in 4 years!") mentality, I don't have a lot of confidence in a favorable outcome. This exhuberance for Obama or Romney seems irrational to me because so much is out of their control now. Worse, the 500+ other dolts we call "congress" are almost certain to obstruct every measure they can because they're incapable of delivering more bad news to voters.


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