Moragans Say No To Measure A

A proposed parcel tax which would have cobbled up another $1.2 million for Moraga Schools fell just short of passage Wednesday.


Measure A, the latest parcel tax measure seeking public funding for Moraga's schools, failed to achieve the two-thirds majority it needed to pass, a spokesman for the Contra Costa County Elections Division said Thursday.

The measure, which would have added $1.2 million to district coffers if passed, fell short by "a few hundred votes."

A notice posted to the district web site Thursday thanked "all Moraga families and business leaders for their support and the many countless volunteer hours for the Measure A Parcel Tax campaign" and said the district "will continue to work hard in delivering a first class education to our students."

Measure A asked property owners to pay an additional $225 annual tax on top of an existing $325 per parcel tax levied to help fund district programs.

TMoraga May 17, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Mg there is a big difference between sending your tax money to Sacramento and having it spent on cell phones - company cars and thousands of employees hired to manage whatever efforts the politicians dream up. Vs locally collected property taxes that stay local and are used locally by the locals to fix or pay for the things the local community needs to handle. There is no argument here that Sacramento can't balance a budget or operate within their financial means so sending more money to SAC makes no sense. Finding ways to keep our money local and pay for things the State has decided it can stop sending us money for makes far more sense which is why Parcel Taxes are becoming very popular - its the local populations of towns and cities across the State sending Sac a very clear message no more money for you we are keeping our money local for the things we need done. The next push will be for SAC to try and get access to Parcel Tax funds by taxing local Parcel Taxes which today Sacramento can't touch local Parcel fees.
TMoraga May 17, 2012 at 07:38 PM
The Age vs employment issue has always existed Jjobes. That is why my great Great Grand Father lived with my grand parents in his golden years. He was an Oil Exec had a pension etc but he was pretty much out of work in his primary career by 50. He started a small one man business doing what he loved to help with his small pension. The Boomers and their parents ie my grand parents and my parents lived through one of the largest economic booms in the history of the US period. Which is why the boomers and many of their parents created the whole old folks home business. That trend has changed in more recent years there are more and more 30-40yr olds like my self having grand parents end up living at home with the family again. You can thank the slow down in economic growth and changes to how pensions are paid out etc etc. The new trend for 50yr olds who missed the old pension plans and full health coverage retirement packages is a migration to cheaper places to live with good health care solutions - moving to Canada I have three recent co-workers purchase property in Canada and become Canadians for this exact reason. There are actual TV shows now on HGTV where Americans are buying Retirement property in other countries for this exact reason. This is a economic trend per a given population of people due to their life time earnings and events and policy changes impacting their wealth at the outer end of their working careers.
James Coleridge May 17, 2012 at 07:38 PM
I have found this a fun site to read and occasionally comment but I have to say I was surprised by the anti senior citizen sentiment expressed by some here. I have a feeling this comes from the perception that we have somehow pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and are living high on the hog while you youngsters (most of whom I seek out and like) do all the heavy financial lifting. It's a very strange dynamic and I am sorry it is out there because my personal thinking has always been that we're in this together. Now I'm not so sure.
Born and Raised May 17, 2012 at 07:39 PM
LT, I have to admit that I wasn't talking specifically about this particular district. I happen to know that Mt. Diablo district has done this in the past (given contracts to companies who are related to personel). I have voted yes for every parcel tax in the past even though my wife and I don't have children. I feel as though the money should go directly to the kids and the teachers period and since there is no transparent accounting of how the funds are used, well..............
TMoraga May 17, 2012 at 07:43 PM
What do I see my generation the 30-40yr olds doing in their 50's and 60's? I think there will be a massive gap between the planners and the non planners regarding ability to retire or do a job thats not a top professional role etc. I have friends who have been exceptionally smart about their savings - investments and retirement planning who will be in good shape to do whatever they want at 50-60yrs of age. I have other friends who till their mid 30's considered matching and 401K's to be annoying and really didn't contribute much of anything to them nor did they get any other type of savings or investments going - this group is going to be in a world of hurt given Social Security we already know can't keep up with cost of living or pay enough to cover health costs and basic living needs.


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