Shortly After Re-election, Moraga Trustee Resigns

For unknown reasons, Dexter Louie submitted his resignation, the Moraga School District emailed parents.

Dexter Louie, within days of being re-elected to the Governing Board of the Moraga School District, has resigned.

District Superintendent Bruce Burns sent an email to parents Thursday that Louie had given written notice of his resignation, effective immediately, the Contra Costa Times reported. At a special closed meeting held Wednesday morning, Louie had recused himself from discussion of a sex abuse lawsuit and two sex abuse claims filed against the district.

No explanation for the resignation was immediately forthcoming, the Times reported.

In preliminary results with 12 of 12 precincts counted
in Tuesday's election, Louie had received 3,040 votes to gain re-election. The top vote-getter was Shari Simon with 3,709. Finishing in third place in the race for two seats was Parker Colvin with 2,398 votes.

On his campaign website, Louie pledged
to "provide a safe and positive learning environment." That plank states, in part, "There are laws, policies, and programs to maximize student safety. The District has gone one step further, with its School Safety Committee, a standing Board committee, consisting of parent, community, teacher, and district representatives. While it is not possible to control the actions of every person, whether a student (bullying) or an adult (child abuse), every effort is being made to provide a safe environment. I understand the issues and the concerns, and student safety will continue to be of the highest priority for me."

QuestionAuthority November 22, 2012 at 04:42 PM
As long as were talking about "conflict of interest" and "full transparency" and conspiracies of all sorts can someone please explain to me why the CCT 'reporter on this story has not recused himself after someone very close to him was fired by the district he's writing about???? Just asking.
Andrew November 22, 2012 at 05:39 PM
I also read the article in LMW as well as the Letter to the Editor from Trish Bare (chairperson for Dexter Louie's re-election campaign). Ms. Bare has historically been a frequent critic of the MSD Governing Board along with another Louie endorser Caroline Wood. In fact, both Bare and Wood were in attendance at MSD board meetings when the whole issue of Correa was being made public. However, they feel that Louie was completely ignorant of the abuse/molestation problem. I find it incredulous that Louie was totally unknowing of the problem. Instead, the public is to be further insulted by having Ms. Bare speak on behalf of Louie saying he has "personal problems" and cannot comment on his resignation. Ms. Bare, as Louie's de facto spokesperson, has assumed the responsibility to explaining this perplexing set of electoral developments. As Desi used to tell Lucy.... "Lucy you got a lot of splaining to do". But I am not holding my breath waiting for Ms. Bare or some other "spokesperson".
Trish Bare November 22, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Andrew, or should I say Dennis (Wanken). It's really disturbing that a former Moraga School Board member would be so vicious in attacking Dexter Louie as well as other current and former Board members. And to do so anonymously is just sad. You have also managed to personally attack most of the sitting Town Council members as well as numerous other members of the community. I have no doubt that you will continue to spew your venom without any regard to facts or reality but now you can no longer hide behind your mask. At least that is one thing to be thankful for today.
2nd Generation Moraga November 22, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Wow, I feel like I just watched a Perry Mason episode...
Fritz 'Congodog' Stoop November 22, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Hey, guys! Bruised egos aside, we are talking about sexual predators roaming our Middle School's halls with the principal and several others are aware of it. It is nice that you are coming to your pal's aid. But where were they when these kids needed them? Squabbling about who they should protect and how they should protect them pales when compared to their primary responsibility. Our children. About time for everyone to come clean and let's move on. The truth will set you free!


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