Siblings: Share Har-Bowl-esque Rivalry Stories

This year’s "Har-Bowl" — with brothers John and Jim Harbaugh coaching football teams against each other in the Super Bowl Feb. 3 — has us thinking about sibling rivalries.

Brothers Jim and John Harbaugh go headset to headset at Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Jim Harbaugh coaches the San Francisco 49ers while big brother John coaches the Baltimore Ravens.

On Thursday, John Harbaugh even pranked his family and the media by calling in on a media conference call. One interpretation: His sense of humor one-upped his little brother!

All this is producing — in football circles and American circles — interesting dinner table chitchat.

Tell us about the time your sibling rivalry came to a head. Share a photo of you and your sis or bro.

If you're a 49ers fan and your sibling is a Ravens fan, is that stirring up some trash talk?

Post in our comments below or on the Lamorinda Patch Facebook page.

Dive Turn Work January 25, 2013 at 07:53 PM
I just hope their parents don't encourage sibling rivalry like my dad did. He demanded that the three of us (me and my two sisters) tell him how much we loved him. My two sisters, the conniving little toads, lied to him about how much they loved him while I was honest about my feelings. So, what does dear old dad do? He disinherited me!! But, I still wound up marrying this really cool dude from France who valued honesty and integrity and acts like a king. Although something deep down tells me that more trouble lies ahead for me because of my naughty sisters. My neighbor also told me about her husband's rivalry with his brother. Her husband is the manly, hunter, outdoorsy type. His brother was apparently a bit of a momma's boy. So, one day her husband came home and was starving. His brother had made some lentil soup but wouldn't share any of it unless my friend's husband promised to surrender his birthright. Sadly, her husband agreed and his brother just started dancing around the room screaming, "Suck-a!" It got really ugly from there. Her husband threatened to kill his brother so his brother ran away. Last they heard he was married to two women. Apparently, his father-in-law tricked him into the bigamy situation. Family. Can't live with them and the bodies are so hard to hide from police.
Diddo Clark January 28, 2013 at 05:05 AM
Clark Sibling Rivalry. My late parents, Johnson & Louise Clark of Lafayette, led exemplary lives & left 6 children & many grandchildren. My elderly parents suffered diminished capacity. My brothers, Steve & Charles, who had undue influence, alienated the affections of our parents from 4 of their descendants. Our parents asked Steve & Chas to manage Clark assets & share proceeds equally w/ their siblings. Steve & Chas: took from rather than shared w/ their sibs; misappropriated approx.100 million dollars of assets from parents & descendants; & filed 4 preemptive law suits against me & my brother Peter. Steve & Chas paid their attorneys thousands of dollars a day, most days this millennium, to crush Peter & me in ct. It's been a full-time job for me, almost all millennium, to defend myself. At a cost to the Clark family of SCORES of millions of dollars, Steve & Chas: (1) subjected Peter & me to financial duress, emotional distress, & traumatic stress; (2) caused us to suffer PTSD & other damages; (3) deprived, & caused state cts to deprive, us of due process & other civil rts; (4) got awful orders & hundreds of thousands of dollars in judgments against us, none on the merits; & (5) may be getting away w/ financial elder abuse. Now, Peter & I are indigent & homeless. I slept in my car most nights in 2012. Steve & Chas have wasted SO much $ that, if they had shared, THEY would have more $ now than they do. Diddo Clark


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