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Dr. Garen Wintemute
LAKE ELSINORE RESIDENT April 24, 2014 at 06:47 pm
This doctors picture reminds me of a character: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_E._Neuman
Earnan Drummann April 24, 2014 at 06:48 pm
This guy looks like he got sandblasted by a glazier. I agree with Lenny Kravitz.
OldTimer April 24, 2014 at 06:53 pm
Hey Dr. Wintemute, I hate to ruin your crusade but Chicago has one of the strictest set of gun lawsRead More in the nation and it is the gun violence murder capital of the United States! They had another blood bath there last weekend. There are over 300 million guns (not including police and military) in our country. What are you going to do, Doctor? Ban them all. By doing so the law abiding citizen would turn their guns in and the criminals would keep theirs, thereby setting the good citizens up for slaughter. You need to think through your crusade before you spend a million buck on a futile mission. We are a nation of guns. We always have been, Doctor. You won't change that. The barn door is open and all the horses already ran away!
Bike Share in Mountain View.
John McCormick April 24, 2014 at 01:09 pm
So let me see if I have this straight - 1. This is based on technology that has been problematic inRead More other cities 2. It requires docking stations and bikes provided by a company in bankruptcy that no longer makes the bikes 3. With over 100 stations already in place in various cities over 90% of the rides have been in San Francisco, which demonstrates practically zero interest outside of a location with a very tight urban core, very limited parking, and limited car ownership And based on all this, the MTC wants to spend almost $9M of ostensibly public money to EXPAND the program to other towns? Yep, that makes sense. Sure don't see any wishful thinking here.
Richard S. Colman April 24, 2014 at 07:53 pm
An unprecedented record of failure and incompetence is what taxpayers can say about the MetropolitanRead More Transportation Commission (MTC). Why is MTC asking for $8.7 million for the bicycle-sharing program? If drivers of cars have to pay for crossing the Bay Bridge, why can't riders of bicycles come up with $8.7 million. MTC has had other problems, like tearing down a bicycle pathway a few months after it was installed. The new segment of the Bay Bridge went way over budget. Not one of the MTC commissioners (board members) is elected directly by voters. MTC must be abolished. --Richard Colman, Orinda, CA
Richard S. Colman April 24, 2014 at 08:03 pm
A miserable record of incompetence and failure characterizes the Metropolitan TransportationRead More Commission (MTC). Why does MTC want to spend $8.7 million on a bicycle-sharing program? Let the beneficiaries of the bicycle program come up with the $8.7 million. Recently, MTC announced it is tearing down a multi-million dollar bicycle pathway built a few months ago. The cost overruns on the new segment of the Bay Bridge have been astronomical. MTC commissioners (board of directors) are not even directly elected by voters. MTC is accountable to no one. MTC must be abolished. --Richard Colman, Orinda, CA.
Three trees are marked on a Martinez resident's property for removal, one a 100-year-old olive tree with sentimental value.
Terry Kremin April 23, 2014 at 09:18 am
This is definitely over reaction by PG&E to old bad planning and execution by PG&E, and moreRead More bad planning and execution again by choosing a hack and slash policy over actually assessing what is on the pipelines. Some trees that were planted over the pipeline right of way should never have been planted. That is a public safety issue, and some should be removed both for root control and for inspection access. PG&E SHOULD have been more proactive in the past ensuring the trees didn't get planted in the first place. But then they should have been inspecting welds as well... While some trees should be removed for safety concerns, a tree by tree assessment (root type, true proximity) should be done to determine which should actually be removed. As usual, the truth lies in the middle of the "cut all trees" and the "save all trees" arguments. Hopefully our city council can show the leadership to actually accomplish both necessary public safety clearing and non-problem tree retention, and not forsake safety of people for all the trees. While I love trees, and likewise would hate to see our big old Mulberry in the backyard have to go, if I had to sign a waiver saying that if a gas line break and eruption occurred because of my tree that I absolve PG&E and agree to be liable for all damages to all parties caused by the leak and/or explosion, I would have to favor losing the tree over assuming that responsibility.
Liede-Marie Haitsma April 24, 2014 at 11:12 am
They are cutting down lots of trees on Contra Costa Blvd next to Sun Valley Mall; both down theRead More middle of the street and by the sidewalk.
Liede-Marie Haitsma April 24, 2014 at 04:24 pm
And what's going on on Geary Blvd, Pleasant Hill...the trees have been cut down and sections ropedRead More off down the entire road...new pipes or sidewalks being put in (?).
Chris Kapsalis April 22, 2014 at 09:03 am
They came onto our property yesterday and put up all kinds of stakes and red paint all over wellRead More into our yard. Even these stakes are a hazard. One blocks my gate pathway.
Susan C. Schena April 22, 2014 at 09:25 am
Wow! Can you email photos to susan.schena@patch.com?
Chris Kapsalis April 22, 2014 at 09:51 am
Yes. I will right now.
mr magoo April 17, 2014 at 09:04 pm
$210K is light for deaths on a system that should have very mature operating procedures by now. I'dRead More say heads need to roll before the civil suits start. All of BART needs a swift kick - here''s the chance to R&R management.
mr magoo April 17, 2014 at 09:04 pm
Remove and Replace (not the other R&R)
Ken Briggs April 18, 2014 at 09:10 am
get rid of Grace and all the others that screwed up while the strike was on , but who is the onesRead More that are paying for the fines ? that right it is the folks that use bart . while the two were out on the tracks , the ones that were out running around in the bart cars should of been smarter than what they were , how is it they got off ? the workers were out doing a job while bart was on strike so someone screwed up , who nwas it besides Grace and that no good mr hock .
Patch photo archive
dorthy manser April 9, 2014 at 02:27 pm
Thank you, Amy. I've also had a very hard time figuring out how to confront this issue. It isRead More difficult when it becomes apparent that it just isn't nonsense anymore, it's dangerous nonsense. People will literally die if the anti-vaxx crowd is successful at convincing people not to vaccinate their kids. Potentially a lot of people. When you combine that with the stupidity, outright lies and paranoia displayed by celebrity spokes-people like Jenny McCarthy it becomes really hard to maintain ones composure (oops, I just lost mine). I suppose it's best to treat everyone as one would treat a good friend who is skeptical of modern medicine and scared for their children. As far as the black helicopter people go, I'm not sure what can be done to convince them, since they invariably believe that any data not conforming to their beliefs must the due to a conspiracy of some kind. I've known a lot of publicly funded scientists over the years, and the idea that they could all somehow be conspiring to harm public health in order to enrich corporations is ludicrous and insulting. Part of the problem is that as a result of reasonable skepticism of expert opinion, many people have decided that there is no such thing. Or, even worse, they pick people who have zero expertise but who are good at manipulating their fears. So now we have a huge population of scientifically illiterate people who no longer trust doctors, but are willing to put all their faith in internet scam artists like the "Health Ranger". This can't end well.
Lisbeth Allen April 9, 2014 at 04:22 pm
Costco makes millions off of supplements. Flip through their monthly magazine. Every other page isRead More some supplement for which people have no need. Not only are we a nation of consumers, we are a nation of gullible consumers.
Edward April 9, 2014 at 09:44 pm
I received my case of measels in 1967 in the ARMY at Fort Sill, Oaklahoma. When they startedRead More offering for my children I chose the imunization for them and now Public Schools Require them in California. Home Schooling by anti-vaxx parents will be the first ones to catch the bugs from "out of state" or "out of country" (Like UC Berkley with 14,000 of them) anti-vaxx or could not get the Vaxx.. TB is on the rise from the "out of county" rich kids at our colleges also. TB was eradicated in the U.S. 30 years ago but now it is back and we no longer give imunizations for it.
Parking meters in downtown Walnut Creek.
JKI April 9, 2014 at 10:35 am
I live in Walnut Creek, and I don't like it. The substantial projected increased revenue fromRead More parking is already a hot topic at the CC meetings, whose members had stated to the public that this parking change was not meant to increase revenue. I choose to point my efforts towards removing certain members of the City Council, who are inappropriately influenced by the mindless rah-rah-rah cheerleading of splinter special interest groups of people. See above.
mlm2013 April 9, 2014 at 02:50 pm
In the meantime - Monday - Friday, after 3 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday - park for free atRead More BART and take the FREE shuttle to downtown - Even Cindy Silva was worried last night about the removal of some 900 parking spaces behind Macy's and the parking rates & hours changing - that tax revenue is going to go to other cities. But she has that library, with parking - those parking spaces cost approx $50K to build - just imagine how much money the city would have if they had used the old Andronico's store as the library and just paid rent. Glad I'm in unicorporated.
Barbara Doherty April 9, 2014 at 04:37 pm
I want to add that I learned first hand today that just a very few employees at two businesses onRead More Locust received a $25 monthly parking pass in the recent lottery held. I heard many, many employees downtown were turned away. Let's keep an open mind and know the City Council can make a change if it turns out awful. Let's focus on slowing down the cars that do drive through here.
Graphic: City of Walnut Creek.
Jojo Potato April 2, 2014 at 05:55 pm
Did you see the cases that the Mayor is proud of one her companies web site. Developers all theRead More way! And BTW the council meeting yesterday was an organized kickoff for the half cent sales tax increase that they are pushing. Quote Ms. Silva "we have done everything we can". You mean as far as driving the city into a hole? Check out today's article in the CCtimes.
Julie Jepsen-Grant April 3, 2014 at 05:46 am
Please tell us what "services" will be cut. Does anyone know?
One more time with feeling April 3, 2014 at 07:10 am
Jojo Potato: 2 council members were not present as the tax increase agenda kickoff happened.
Unfiltered Steve Simoneau March 31, 2014 at 01:12 pm
$183K? Valero made at least ten times that in profit during the violation period. This simply looksRead More like the BAAQMD needed some extra funding and tapped an easy source. $100 tickets from fireplace violators just take too long to add up!
mikedude March 6, 2014 at 06:16 pm
If you want to ban plastic bags, fine. It won't do a damn thing about 'climate change' and it isn'tRead More going to save the city a cent in 'cleanup costs' but whatever, pat yourselves on the back for passing useless, feel-good legislation. What I don't understand is why must I be forced to pay 10 to 25 cents per paper bag? These cost the retailer next to nothing and are just going to be another way for them to make money. Even if they aren't already made of recycled paper, they'll be recycled or composted after they're used. Isn't that pretty damn 'green'???Why must I be punished for every item that I buy in Walnut Creek?
Julie Jepsen-Grant March 7, 2014 at 05:10 am
Has anyone ever noticed all the plastic baggies left behind at Heather Farm Park? Not shopping bagRead More plastic, but the kind you would use to pack a sandwich.
Bob Brittain March 7, 2014 at 08:55 pm
When I "notice" trash I pick it up and put it in a trash can.
Screenshot of the Rise Together website: risetogetherbayarea.org/resources/
GDE March 3, 2014 at 01:00 pm
No, i speak for my opinions. If I meant what you wrote, I would have writen that.
GDE March 3, 2014 at 02:30 pm
@ Kids Dad -- Just to elaborate on the idea of ND doing it right. 1) The oil boom is going to end 2)Read More ND infrastructure is poor (housing, education) 3) ND is not California (you can always return, once you find ND is not heaven)
Out and About March 5, 2014 at 08:40 pm
If that is true stop using GDE as your handle, you are not doing that no group any favors.
WALNUT CREEK, Ca: Map of Arbolado Park. Mao courtesy: Google maps
One more time with feeling March 10, 2014 at 11:36 am
Thanks, Bob. Clarification is good. There's been no mention of the other two parks being upgraded,Read More so it is confusing when the one advertised (Heather Farm Park - the link I provided)) is trying to get $1.5 million through fundraising and other means while the other two in this article spent $500k and have already opened. Do you know if the mulch for the Dog Park at the back of Heather Farm Park is for ADA-compliancy, too? I have every confidence there will be lots more children (and their parents/guardians) having fun at the upgraded area where the new sign is posted - and lots more plastic bags for you to pick up to keep you busy.
One more time with feeling March 30, 2014 at 10:30 am
How come the sign at Heather Farm Park reads "Walnut Creek's first..." when these recentlyRead More opened? If City Hall wants to know why there is distrust and disinterest from the citizenry, this is a perfect example.
One more time with feeling April 4, 2014 at 05:58 pm
Another reason for the distrust: $800,000 to subsidize the Lesher Center and CenterRep. Does notRead More sound like a tax increase is needed - but a spending reduction is in order. And the City Manager, responsible for our finances is "unsure how much" is spent. Wow. Kudos to Ms. Nardi! http://www.contracostatimes.com/contra-costa-times/ci_25497822/walnut-creek-longtime-anchor-theater-company-goes-dark