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Company C Contemporary Ballet
2055 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Company C Contemporary Ballet is noted for its diverse repertoire of dance works performed at the Lesher Center for theMore Arts. The company was founded in 2002 and has a 13-member ensemble. It has performed works by Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, Antony Tudor, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, David Parsons and Michael Smuin. Company C Contemporary Ballet also commissions works by new talents and tours nationally. Check the company's Web site for program schedules, ticket information and ways to donate.
City of Walnut Creek
1666 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Walnut Creek was incorporated in 1914, the eighth city to do so in Contra Costa County. It has since grown into aMore community of 65,000 people.  It is the business and cultural hub of Contra Costa County. 

It is a run on a day-to-day basis by a city manager, who acts on policies set for by a five-member city council, who are each elected to four-year terms. Information about meetings of the council and other city commissions and task forces is available at the city's website. You can also view agenda, stream city council meetings as they happen or view video or audio of other commission meetings. 

The city government is elected into the following departments:

City Manager
The city manager's office carries out policies enacted by the city council and oversees the activities of various city departments and services. The city manager can recommend programs and clarify procedures for the city council, but is bound by the council's decisions. This office is responsible for community and media relations, legislative advocacy, citizen surveys and special events. The office also directs the Community Emergency Preparedness Training (CERT) and the Citizens Institute.

City Manager Ken Nordhoff, 925-943-5812,nordhoff@walnut-creek.org
Community Relations Manager: Gayle Vassar, 925-943-5895, vassar@walnut-creek.org

Administrative Services
This department includes: 

  • Human Resources, which oversees employment opportunities and recruiting for city jobs. 
  • The Finance Department, which helps prepare the budget, capital improvement program and administers the city's Business License program.  

Director: Lorie Tinfrow, tinfrow@walnut-creek.org
Finance Manager: Fred Marsh, 925-943-5820
City jobs hotline: 925-943-5817

City Attorney
The city attorney advises and represents the city council and city staff on all legal matters. This department also prepares ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, leases, bond indentures and other legal documents. 
City Attorney: Bryan Wenter, 925-943-5813

City Clerk
The city clerk schedules and prepares for city council meetings, produces official records of council decisions, maintains city records and makes them accessible to the public and conducts city elections.
Interim City Clerk: Sherry M. Kelly, (925) 943-5818, skelly@walnut-creek.org

Arts, Recreation and Community Services
This department oversees recreation, youth and family services, civic arts education, the Lesher Center for the Arts, and the Bedford Gallery. It also arranges for public art to be exhibited throughout town.
Director: Barry Gordon, 925-943-5848, gordon@walnut-creek.org 

Community Development
This department is responsible for a variety of services and programs designed to enhance the city's quality of life, safety and economic vitality.  
Director: Sandra Meyer, 925-943-5834, meyer@walnut-creek.org

This department's services and programs are:

  • Planning Division, which processes all development applications and oversees all design-related approvals. It also drafts city ordinances and prepares amendments to the city's general plan.
    Manager: Victoria Walker
  • Housing Division: Creates and preserves opportunities for housing in the city, including affordable housing.
    Manager: Laura Simpson
  • Transportation Planning Division
    Manager: John Hall 
  • Building Division: Performs plan checks, issues building permits and provides inspections for building construction and electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations. The team also responds to complaints about possible building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code violations.
    Chief Building Official: Robert Woods
  • Code Enforcement Division: Handles nuisance abatement and code violation notifications and proceedings.
  • The Community Development Department also administers the Civic Pride Grant program.

In addition to promoting public safety, responding to emergency calls and citizen complaints, and conducting criminal investigations, the Police Department also oversees traffic and parking enforcement, crossing guard services, and crime prevention and neighborhood watch programs.
Chief: Joel Bryden
Nonemergency, administration: 925-943-5844
Community policing: 925-256-3519

Public Services
This department manages the Parks and Open Space division, the Engineering and Maintenance Services Division and Traffic Engineering and  Transportation. Engineering Services plans, designs and inspects public construction projects and oversees the capital improvement program.
Director: Heather Ballenger, 925-943-5854, ballenger@walnut-creek.org

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