Aaron Scherbarth
I grew up in Fort Bragg Ca. on the Mendocino coast. I left in Oct. of 99 to Oregon to Wolf Creek Job Corps in Glide Or. I got my GED as well as a J.C. basic welding diploma. I joined the Army in Nov. of 2000 as a Construction Equipment Mechanic. I was in Hohensfels, Germany when 9/11 went down. The whole Base in Germany shut down and went to threat-con D, I was in Aco. 94th E.C.B.(H) "Warriors!" (for all you out there that can understand army) I did a lot of gaurd duty, and QRF after 9/11. In May to Nov. of 2002 I went on a deployment to Kosovo, we upgraded roads out in the middle-of-no-where. My father Loren Scherbarth died on Sept. 8 2002 Wile on my deployment... I was called to the commanders office on the 10th, as soon as I saw the chaplain along with my company commander... I knew what went down.. He had cirrhosis... I mean I knew it was going to happen and all... but I didn't think it was going to happen so fast. Well, just like that I was on a C-130 on Sept.11 2002 to Germany then the states the next day.I was in Fort Bragg Ca. for about a month, then back to Kosovo.In Feb. of 2003 I was deployed to Kuwait then Iraq a few days behind the invasion force; 3rd ID. On our way up to Baghdad, we hit the worst sandstorm in 50 years in that region. We finally made it to the Baghdad Int. Airport, where we set up shop. We were part of "Task Force Neighborhood" we built playgrounds for the Iraqi kids and help rebuild. Wile I was there I got a letter from Penelope, (a girl I met in 1997 when I did my first theater gig running the light board for her fathers play.) She wrote me a 4 page letter saying how she hopes I'm still alive and that she misses me. left Iraq in Sept. of 2003,and went back to Germany for about a month to out process. Penelope was there to pick me up at SFO in Nov. and the rest is history. We live in the east bay city of Walnut Creek Ca. (nice place). We took our time, but finally married on Aug. 9 2008 at the Hill House Inn in Mendocino. Wife is HR for Accent Care. She is also a grad from LAMDA as a professional Stage Manager. We do a lot of Theater together, as she calls the shots from the booth and I take care of things Back Stage. But I've been known to fill in for a small role or two, it's kind of fun doing both on and off stage at the same time. I also do a little bit of lighting design as well, got 4 Shellie nom.'s for local theatre awards the last few years. So, for all you who have been wondering what the hell happened to me?...there you go.
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