A Couple More Nights Of Cold Temperatures, Then Things Warm Up... A Little

Temperatures will continue to drop below the freezing level for the next couple nights

A sign on the drinking fountains at the Lafayette Reservoir
A sign on the drinking fountains at the Lafayette Reservoir
Keep those blankets and mittens handy.

Our sub-freezing temperatures are expected to hang around for a couple more evenings.

The National Weather Service forecast for Walnut Creek predicts a low of 25 degrees on Monday night.

The high temperature Tuesday is expected to reach 51 degrees with the thermometer plummeting to 29 degrees on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the daytime high will inch up to 54 degrees with the overnight low dipping down to 32 degrees.

On Thursday, it'll be a relatively balmy 56 degrees with a low of "only" 34 degrees overnight.

A slight chance of rain was originally forecast for Thursday, but now the prediction is for partly cloudy skies late in the day.

On Friday, the daytime high is expected to be 58 degrees with an overnight low of 36 degrees.


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