Carl's Jr. Restaurant Closes Friday

Fast-food outlet is in the Citrus Marketplace shopping center on Oak Grove Road.

The Carl's Jr. restaurant in Walnut Creek is closing Friday.

The lease is ending for the fast food outlet in the Citrus Marketplace shopping center on Oak Grove Road, which was held back by the lack of a drive-through window, a Carl's Jr. spokeswoman told the Contra Costa Times.

This restaurant will be missed by a group of senior citizens who play dominoes there Wednesday mornings, the Times reported.

Triple Canopy January 26, 2013 at 10:56 PM
No drive-thru? You can probably thank The Woodlands HOA who have had a historical stranglehold on what goes in that shopping center. SNOBS!!!!!!
One more time with feeling January 28, 2013 at 06:41 PM
So the neighborhood - local community - does not want the added traffic that would come from the addition of the drive-through window. Assuming this was part of Carl's Jr.'s business plan for the property from the beginning but they were not allowed to do it when they first moved in, their moving out comes as no surprise. To get in and change the rules later would be icky. If this was not part of the original business plan, but recently added, the need for a petition to the City to change the rules would be in order. The result seems to be that City Hall supported the neighborhood's desires by denying the request. I *hope* we don't find out that someone who lives in the area AND works for the City or is perhaps on the City Council and maybe somehow intervened... because that could be icky, too. Especially since it appears that Walgreens, about three blocks away (currently in a location with no drive-through and moving to a new space at Encina Shopping Center), looks to be getting a drive-through... I recall a proposal a while back for MacDonald's going into the brick building on the corner and a drive through was in that plan - and denied. At least this is consistent... (Reposted - corrected a typo.)


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