Italian Bakery Opening In Old Baking Company Building

54 Mint Forno will reportedly open next month on Locust Street

54 Mint Forno will reportedly open next month
54 Mint Forno will reportedly open next month
A San Francisco-based company will reportedly open an Italian bakery in the old Walnut Creek Baking Company building.

A sign on the facility at 1686 Locust St. near the Lesher Center for the Arts announces that 54 Mint Forno will open soon.

A posting last month on craiglist announcing job openings said the restaurant would open in mid-February, according to a story on beyondthecreek.com.

The new restaurant is owned by 54 Mint, a company that has bakeries in Mint Plaza in San Francisco and on Oak Grove Road in Concord.

The bakery features breads, pizzas, focaccia and other simple Italian pastries.

The Walnut Creek Baking Company closed in August 2012 after a disagreement with the landlord.

srl99 January 06, 2014 at 09:32 AM
Is there an application for a liquor license? Liquor is essential in WC.
One more time with feeling January 06, 2014 at 02:06 PM
srl99: You point out something quite interesting. Walnut Creek apparently has another problem to which this City does not want to admit. The alcohol consumption at city-sanctioned activities sets a poor example. Between the oversaturated alcoholic beverage licenses, Lesher Center gala, centennial "flappers & flasks" and many others, I am surprised the City continues to do this. Especially in light of some of the recent (and not so recent) publicized and not-so-publicized DUI injuries and fatalities - not from these activities, but to set a *good* example... Perhaps risk management dictates a change. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. We don't have a beverage problem, we have an alcohol problem.
WC-Independent January 06, 2014 at 05:22 PM
@One more time with Feeling. I don't see it as a problem. Adding an eatery with alcohol as an option does not cause a problem. A glass of wine with a meal, IMO, make for an enjoyable dinning experience. When something is paired nicely, wow, it can create a savory moment. Serving alcohol at activities does not create consequences. Couldn't we compare this to bad health habits. Offering chocolate as an after meal option is ok. If a person decides to eat 40 pieces of that every day it will lead to health problems. Should we stop allowing establishments and city events from serving desert? Individuals need to perform their own 'risk management' programs. We don't have a government problem, we have individual responsibility problem....
One more time with feeling January 07, 2014 at 12:43 PM
As soon as someone's had 1-too-many deserts and (while driving their motor vehicle) kills someone else... Perhaps the Police Department can chime in and tell us how many people they pull over Friday and Saturday nights because of "driving under the influence of chocolate". I am merely suggesting the City set a good example to the citizenry - including those who don't or can't drink alcohol. Read my post: I did not ask anyone to stop drinking alcohol. I merely made the observation that city-sanctioned events may not be an appropriate venue to push alcohol. As well, I made no reference to personal choices in restaurants - heck, I like a glass of wine with dinner, too. You went on the "individual responsibility" path: By your logic and a leap, we should not have laws or punishment for murder - After all, if someone takes "individual responsibility" for their own actions, we would not have an issue... the City ordinances on banning smoking and plastic bags fall into your personal "risk management" program - and yet are banned items. Following your "risk management" thought process, if someone drinks alcohol at a City-sanctioned event and while driving their vehicle runs someone over, there may be some culpability (and financial liability) assigned to the City.
WC-Independent January 07, 2014 at 04:23 PM
If, at the event, the servers forced it down their mouths, I agree. Do they server Gluten or meat? Some may not be able to consume that either. Should it be removed to set an example? I guess I'm frustrated that people can't do anything because others can't (e.g. gluten) or don't like it, or someone may over consume. Basically, a minority of people can remove things, places, features (e.g. alcohol license) etc, that a majority have no problems with and enjoy. My definition of individual responsibility is slightly different. People need to have the ability to control themselves, we cannot legislate that control to a certain degree. Having a candy jar that says please enjoy in moderation will not prevent some from stuffing themselves with it. Should we remove the candy jar and punish those that stop by and enjoy a piece or two?
sandman January 07, 2014 at 05:35 PM
One more time with feeling said. " I did not ask anyone to stop drinking alcohol. I merely made the observation that city-sanctioned events may not be an appropriate venue to push alcohol." But you did. You are asking the city to stop serving alcohol at city sanctioned activities, which is the same as telling people who go to these aactivities that they cannot drink alcohol there. As for your suggestion the city should set a good example, what you think is a good example, may be a bad example to someone else. Plus, we don't need government telling us what habits we can have. BTW, I don't smoke but what the city council did on the smoking issue was wrong. It was government overkill, which we do not need.
One more time with feeling January 11, 2014 at 01:15 PM
sandman, thank you for your feedback. No - I did not. Those who choose to drink at city-funded, city-sanctioned, functions on city-owned property could bring their own alcohol. Or someone else can provide/fund the bar - not City taxpayers on taxpayer funds. I guess you don't know anyone who has been killed or injured by someone "under influence".
Bob Brittain January 11, 2014 at 06:15 PM
I don't know of a case where the City has funded alcohol for a function. The functions I'm aware of on City property either had a no-host bar or other people or non-government organizations provided the beverages.


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