Main Shut Off, Rossmoor Parkway Cleared

Update: Vehicle sheared off hydrant, flooding parkway for 30 minutes.

Fire crews responded to a vehicle that struck a fire hydrant Monday morning on Rossmoor Parkway just outside the main entrance gate to the retirement community.

The hydrant was sheared off and thousands of gallons of water spewed out onto Rossmoor Parkway, causing it to be shut down for approximately 30 minutes until an EBMUD crew could get on scene to control the water flow, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District reported on its Facebook page. As a precaution, an ambulance was posted inside the community for any subsequent calls while theroad was closed. The water main servicing the hydrant was shut off at 10:15 a.m. and the roadway reopened.

Philip Wesler September 25, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Isn't it time that Rossmoor consider additional means of egress? This is an example of a potential catastrophe from happening, and the residents would be trapped. There are several additional roads, one or more of which could be indicated to be emergency exits, and still allow others to be used for emergency vehicles to enter. I have discussed this with the appropriate official in Rossmoor, and he told me they are "concerned" and "studying the matter". It's time to act. If we can spend millions to build an unwanted event center, then we can spend the money required to upgrade these roads to provide safety for the residents.


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